Saturday, April 24, 2010

Troy Borough (PA) Council Approves Gas Lease

Troy, Pennsylvania

Troy, PA, is located at the eastern edge of the majestic Appalachian Mountains.  A gas lease offer was on the table at this week's regular meeting of Troy Borough Council.  Borough manager Dan Close reported on the gas lease offer to council.  The offer was from Talisman (formerly Fortuna). Nine acres in Farmer's Valley was to be leased for a puny $4,000 per acre with a 20% royalty.  There was no discussion- repeat: NO DISCUSSION, and the motion to accept the lease offer was unanimous.

In this blogger's opinion, it might have been a good idea to consider the negative impacts of gas drilling before voting unanimously to accept the offer.  Does the Bohlayer family know about the toxic chemicals which will soon be dispersed in the air,  leached into the soil, and possibly affect the water around Troy? The Bohlayer family has a pear and apple orchard in Troy, a business which has been in operation for five generations.  In fact, there are 40 agricultural companies in Troy, Gardiner's Farm, Wilson's Farm, Lane Shady Farm, Brook Elm Farm, and Alfred Sparling Farm, to name a few.  Some are orchards, some dairy farms, and some livestock.  Jim and Marge Crandle produce maple syrup in Troy. Do these farmers know that gas drilling can contaminate trees, plants, streams, rivers, and can kill animals?  Have they been made aware of the risks?   Water polluted with toxic chemcials cannot be used to water plants or feed animals.   

Read the article in the Towanda Daily Review here.



The lack of public responsibility and concern is outrageous! More time got spent on Police Chief Wisel's lower lumbar back pain... impacting exactly how many people's livelihood, well-being and permanent quality of life???
How is it possible we can have such lack of perspective and unconscious priorities?

Anonymous said...

I would say that you people are the ones with the lack of perspective. First of all where do you get your information on the ill effects of gas drilling? Can you back a single statement that you have made with actual fact? How about showing some dead animals and proving that it was caused by drilling. I don't hear you barking about the windmill projects that took place on the mountain. You think that had zero impact on the environment. I still pick my apples at Bohlayers and they still taste the same as they have all my life. My water is fine. Lets talk a little about some of the farmers around here...since you mention it, did you know that most of the farming community was struggling just to make ends meat? Ask them how they are doing now. The economic boost alone has helped not only the farming community but Bradford county all together, Not only has it provided tons of jobs but it has injected millions of dollars into the local economy. Just go compare Bradford counties unemployment rate over the last 6 to 8 years.

Anonymous said...

I can understand people's concern about the gas drilling in the Troy is a beautiful place and the social and cultural fabric of this place will certainly change in the coming years. However, I think it is important to remember the economic benefits that come from the gas industry in this area. I think if people looks at the situation with an open mind and plan for the future through responsible management and planning of the town and surrounding area, it will be all for the better.

Anonymous said...

Your apples taste the same? Your water is fine? Do you expect to be able taste chemical contamination? Honestly? You can't taste radium. I understand, having been raised in Bradford County, how economically depressed the area is, but let's not sell our souls for a quick dollar. Yes, people have to make ends meet, but at least consider that the damage may not be worth the short term incomes. Long after the wells are plugged, people have to live on the land.

And if you don't want to look that far into the future, at least ask yourself the following questions: How many trucks have fallen off roads that can't support the weight of the gas trucks? How long does it take you to get through that sole red light in Troy because you're backed up behind tankers carrying waste water? How about the cattle in Wellsboro that ended up quarantined after they drank fracking fluid? (Want to eat that beef?) Want some of the jobs the locals get? Hosing out the inside of the tankers in hazmat suits? Have you seen the New York Times' fracking articles? Did you see how much radium some of those wells produce, one of which is in Troy township? How about the well over near Ogdensburg that contaminated a stream with fracking fluid? But, heck, we're making money.

Anonymous said...

This website was set up by jealous person who have no gas source on his/her land to make the profit.

Peacegirl said...

Why would I be jealous of people whose lives are being adversely impacted by this industry? I am concerned for their safety. The land that my family owns in Bradford County is not leased and will never be leased because we do not want to be involved in the gas industry. We have turned away from any money which we could have gotten. This would have been dirty money. We would not have been able to enjoy any benefits that money could have provided. We are ultimately interested in a healthy, safe, and beautiful environment for our children and grandchildren. We could care less about short term gains for ourselves. Profits over health? NO!