Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jessica Ernst: The Consequences of Fracking

[Published on May 21, 2012 ] Jessica Ernst is a scientist who has worked in the oil and gas industry. She discovered first hand the consequences of hydraulic fracturing in her town of Rosebud, Alberta, Canada. Jessica has come to Michigan and to other places around the world to warn communities of the dangers of fracking. For more information please visit:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Flaring in Lenox Township, Susquehanna County,PA: Hidden Gasses Escaping Into Air

Published on Sep 22, 2013
Cabot/Thomas well, 2351 Station Hill Rd, Lenox, PA
5:20 pm, 9/22/2013

This video was not taken after dark.  It was done with a special camera which enables us to see what is actually being spewed into the air.  These emissions cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Video by Frank Finan

Flaring in North Dakota

Air Pollution Info from Catskill Mountainkeeper

Gas Flaring Impacts in Nigeria

And the list goes on........flaring is harmful in many ways.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pete Seeger at Live Farm Aid 2013

Published on Sep 21, 2013
Pete Seeger performs "This Land is Your Land" with Farm Aid board artists John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and Neil Young live at the Farm Aid concert in Saratoga Springs, NY on September 21, 2013. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit:

Farm Aid's performances are donated by the artists in order to raise funds and raise awareness for family farmers.

Draw the Line Against Keystone XL: Nebraska

Here is Bold Nebraska's solar-powered barn that is now standing in the route of the pipeline.
 (Photo by Mary Anne Andrei / Bold Nebraska)

Yesterday's Keystone XL Pipeline Protest was awesome.  Here is a picture of Bold Nebraska's protest. To visit Bold Nebraska's Facebook page, click here.
More about here

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Colorado Floods: Stranded People Near Gas Well Pad

Colorado floods: stranded people on broken road....gas well pad compromised

Thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals have been released into rivers and streams in Colorado.

Sandra Steingraber at Protest Against Tar Sands

Sandra, Jeff and friends joining in one of's Draw the Line Day of Action on Keystone XL events (200+!) around the country - Trumansburg, NY, this morning.
Tar Sands= No human or environmental benefits, just money for a few, devastation for the many

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bill McKibben on Democracy Now!: Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of, joins Amy Goodman to discuss "Draw the Line," a national day of action this Saturday to protest the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Already this week on Monday, 13 people were arrested during a protest in Houston in front of the offices of TransCanada, the company behind the controversial project. McKibben has just come out with the new book, "Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist." McKibben argues that Obama’s pending decision on whether to approve or reject the Keystone XL’s construction is a historic opportunity. "If [Obama] says no to the Keystone pipeline, he will be the first world leader ever to say, 'Here is something we are not going to build because of its effect on the climate,'" McKibben says. "It might have the effect of unfreezing the climate negotiations that have been wrecked ever since Copenhagen … Sometimes Obama, correctly, can blame his absurd Congress. But in the case of the Keystone pipeline, he gets to make the call himself. So he darn well better make that call."

Check out Bill McKibben's new book, "Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Earthquake on West Shore of Seneca Lake September 10th

Did anyone hear about this on the news or in newspapers?  I didn't.

Dear Governor Hickenlooper: Stop Fracking Colorado

A new film premiering May 2014. Here is a teaser narrated by Sandra Steingraber, PhD.

Dr. Steingraber has a natural gift for explaining what actually happens underground during fracking.

Dear Governor Hickenlooper is a compilation of short films about why fracking must be stopped in the state of Colorado. Each film—documentary, horror movie or love story—will convey to the Governor a simple message: THIS IS MY COLORADO.

DGH is a massive collaboration of Colorado creatives—filmmakers, artists and musicians—that will help persuade the Governor that the state of Colorado shouldn’t be fracked with and that another, more sustainable economy is possible—right now. The film will be comprised of 3-7 minute vignettes, each one telling a different perspective on Colorado. Imagine a segment that shows a man who lives to fly fish on CO’s rivers cutting to one that graphically depicts how fracking is impacting Colorado’s rivers; followed by a young farmer happily working to make a living from his/her land; followed by science on how we are fracking our food supply by auctioning off public lands near farms; followed by an interview with a solar expert showing us what’s possible with renewable energy in CO today if we level the energy playing field.

DGH will help shape the energy and economy debate as it screens in theaters big and small across the state and is seen by audiences worldwide on the web via a short film series designed to go viral. The film will implore Governor Hickenlooper to be a hero—the governor that moves us to a renewable energy economy in the nick of time. Films will be housed along with an enlightening blog, articles, and infographics on


Three Years Ago: Massive Gas Pipeline Explosion in CA

A burned-out shell of a car remains after a massive natural gas explosion killed eight and destroyed 38 homes in San Bruno, California, three years ago today. (Photo courtesy National Transportation Safety Board.)

Three years ago September 9th, a massive natural gas explosion devastated a neighborhood in San Bruno, California, killing eight people, injuring 66 others, and destroying 38 homes – and for many area residents and policymakers, more than a few key questions remain unanswered.

Read article here.

Remembering those who died in this horrific explosion three years ago- a disaster that might have been prevented if better safety precautions had been in place.  Pipelines are dangerous. Saftey regulations are not sufficient.

Boulder County Activists Concerned About Flooded Oil, Gas Wells

Photo: Cliff Willmeng

"Inundated along with roads, bridges, houses and farms are thousands of oil and gas wells and associated condensate tanks and ponds in northeast Boulder County and southwest Weld County.
Anti-fracking activists say the industry needs to account for what types of chemicals may be contaminating soil and groundwater in the area around these wells."

Read article from the Boulder News here.

Not much is being reported about these floods in regard to gas and oil wells.  Why?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gassed Eyes Common In the Early Alberta Oil Patch

Have you ever heard of gassed eyes?  I had not until yesterday.  Read more about it  here.

Texas Sharon wrote:
"I got gassed eyes in the Eagle Ford Shale. It's horrible. The people who live there have to deal with gassed eyes all the time."

News from Calgary:
SAVE THE DAY – MAY 14, 2014 – for a BIG PARTY!

They are counting down to the 100th anniversary of the discovery of oil in Alberta – just upstream from Black Diamond at Turner Valley.

Watch for more stories about how oil changed the province, and Canada, forever.

These Are the Sights and Sounds of Hydrofracking: Marcellus Shale

Published on Sep 14, 2013 Next to Homes. Hear the Noise. This is the Fracking Stage. After the months of Drilling. After this usually comes the flaring stage. Noise , traffic, dust. On a normally quiet country road in Forest Lake, Susquehanna County, PA. This is on the Gillingham property. Cabot Gas is the company involved.

Videographer Journalist: Vera Scroggins

I have witnessed this exact scene in Bradford County near my family's home in French Azilum.  This is an area which, until Big Gas arrived, was the most beautiful, pristine, bucolic place I have ever known.  In particular, the night time used to be so quiet and peaceful.  One could actually achieve a blissful state of mind.  Now it is gone.       -Carol Manuel

PS  For those who say we have to do this to survive, I offer two words:  Sustainable Energy.  We have no choice but to develop energy sources that can be sustained into the future.  Otherwise we are nothing but selfish consumers who are not thinking about the welfare of our descendents.  George W. Bush once told an interviewer when asked about his legacy, "I am not worried about that.  I'll be dead."  Let us have more vision than George Bush.  Let us use what creativity and ingenuity we possess and make a better future for our planet.   -Carol Manuel

Sunday, September 8, 2013

American Way of Gassing People: The Slow and Painful Way

The people of Port Arthur, Texas, suffer from serious health effects, including cancer and death, due to the oil industry already.  Now with plans for the Keystone XL pipeline, matters will become worse. And we think Syria is unique? 

Read about it here. Reader Supported News addresses the environmental and health problems that come with the oil and gas industry.

A Reader Supported News reader wrote:
"So here we go, off to attack Syria for gassing their own people, when in our own country, we are letting the wealthy corporations pollute to the extent that they bestow even slower, more painful deaths on our own people. Warfare and environmental degradation are two sides of the same coin: man's inhumanity to man."

Friday, September 6, 2013

A House Destroyed: Natural Gas Drilling At Its Finest

Dimock, Pa., Susquehanna County.

Cabot bought the Sautner House through an investment company, and Cabot's name is on the demolition permit posted out front of the house. Cabot made a settlement with the Sautners with a gag order in August 2012. Sautners moved out to NY. The house has been empty for about a year. Why would Cabot demolish it and not answer our questions and enquiries. Are they removing all evidence of this contaminated property and the "symbol" of resistance and protest? The Sautners were the most vocal of the Dimock families who had lost their water after gas drilling.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

You can't buy this home in Bradford County, PA

Cabot Oil Demolishes House in Dimock, PA, 9/4/13

Published on Sep 4, 2013 Dimock, Pa., Susquehanna County.

Cabot bought the Sautner House through an investment company and Cabot's name is on the demolition permit posted out front of the house. Cabot made a settlement with the Sautners with a gag order in August 2012. Sautners moved out to NY. The house has been empty for about a year. Why would Cabot demolish it and not answer our questions and enquiries. Are they removing all evidence of this contaminated property and the "symbol" of resistance and protest ? The Sautners were the most vocal of the families in Dimock, who had lost their water after gas drilling.

Video by Independent Journalist Vera Scroggins

So what does Cabot Oil intend to do with this property now?  Perhaps a nice compressor station, or how about a lovely pipe distribution lot or maybe a man camp?  This is a travesty what Cabot has done to the Sautner family.  If Cabot is trying to wipe away the evidence and the history,  they will not succeed.  Too many people know what they have done.

Vera wrote:
What I witnessed and videotaped today and awful to watch; This former home of the Sautners, who worked tirelessly to reveal to the world what Cabot and the Gas Industry did to their water, lives, health, community, county and now Cabot is eliminating the evidence.....The whole truth will come forward and Cabot won't be able to hide the truth with settlements and gag orders and propaganda forever.....