Sunday, June 23, 2013

The River Twice: New Feature Documentary About the Susquehanna River

Here is the trailer about the amazing new feature documentary by Meryl O'Connor.


  Meryl OʼConnor has been everything from a clown in Los Angeles to a corporate art director in the high rises of Manhattan to a muralist in Chiapas to a bike messenger in India. She has studied painting in Florence, Italy and attended scholarship summer intensive art programs at Yale, The Art Institute of Chicago and Cal Arts. She received her BA in studio art from NYU in 2004. Upon graduation, she started an art collective with friends in Brooklyn that focused on interactive projects seeking to create spontaneous communities through art and adventure. Her passion for both activism and art making through collaboration and storytelling eventually led her into filmmaking. She graduated from UCLAʼs MFA film production program in 2012, making both documentary and narrative films. Her work has been supported by the Mary Pickford Foundation, the Sony- Streisand fund in recognition of women filmmakers the Jim Morrison fund and the Hollywood Foreign Press. Her short films have played in various international film festivals, including Cannes.


You can help Meryl launch this very important and entertaining documentary. She needs a little financial assistance to get it out in August. Click here to donate.  I have met Meryl, and I know she would appreciate our help.  You will love this film!

In the film, Carol Manuel shows family pictures in French Azilum, Bradford County.

Williams/Lathrop Compressor Station, Susquehanna County, PA

With a Flir camera, we can see emissions coming from the compressor station. What is in these emissions? Video by Frank Finan.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fracking at Wood Gas Pad in Dimock

by Vera Scroggins   6/6/2013
This is the Fracking Stage and see all the sand dust in clouds above the site and hear all the noise and see the huge , above-ground impoundment/pool for water for the fracking where the trucks unload their water.

New Pipeline: Silver Lake Township, Susquehanna County, PA

Published on May 21, 2013
Taped 5-20-13. I was coming home yesterday from a funeral and saw this on the road to my home in my township. Ground broken open, trees cut down, 100 ft. swatches cut open and scraped to the ground, mounds of earth dug up. Shocking for me and disturbing. More compressor stations will be coming besides the 21 being built and permitted right now in our county of Susquehanna, Pa.. More pipelines will be coming also. These pipelines connect the gas pads with multiple wells in my area, within a mile of my home.

Video by Vera Scroggins, Independent Journalist/Videographer

"Who'd have thought that people would allow this?"