Friday, September 25, 2015

BREAKING: Oil and Gas Drilling Impacts Public Drinking Water in Potter County (PA)

Journalist writer Melissa Troutman, Executive Director of Public Herald, reports that drinking water systems have been impacted and at least five private water supplies  are contaminated due to ongoing pollution being caused by a natural gas fracking operation of JKLM Energy in Potter County, PA.  An emergency public meeting occurred  this week in downtown Coudersport (Ms. Troutman's hometown). The water contamination has been sourced to the Reese Hollow #118 shale gas well where drilling operations began on August 28, 2015.

An interesting side issue:  JKLM Energy, a young company, whose largest shareholder, Terry Pegula,  sold the former East Resources for $4.6 billion and then purchased the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.  A study revealed that East Resources ranked first among about 45 drillers cited for violations during the period of the study.

Another revolting aspect:  DEP is telling local residents to direct their complaints to JKLM Energy.  So they are kind of on their own I guess.

Read Troutman's report here. In the article, there are many links which will take you to other places to learn more about this horrible situation.

Demand accountability!