Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rusting Gas Well Sites in Dimock, PA

Published on Dec 11, 2012
Taped 12-11-12. This is the gas pads/sites on Ken Ely's property in Dimock, Pa., Susquehanna County. These sites are producing gas and were installed in 2008 by Cabot Gas Co., and the brine tanks are rusting out and possibly leaking into the ground. They need to be examined by the DEP. The puddles alongside these brine tanks need to be tested. I have permission of the owner to visit these sites. You can hear the sounds of the heaters/production units and see some of the emissions from them and we could smell them. This is all the components you will find on every gas site.

Thank you, Vera Scroggins, for making this video.  You go where many cannot often go because we are too far away.

New York, take note.  This could be us in five years.  Let's not let it happen.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off?

"In Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry is already on a tear—drilling thousands of feet into ancient seabeds, then repeatedly fracturing (or “fracking”) these wells with millions of gallons of highly pressurized, chemically laced water, which shatters the surrounding shale and releases fossil fuels. New York, meanwhile, is on its own natural-resource tear, with hundreds of newly opened breweries, wineries, organic dairies and pastured livestock operations—all of them capitalizing on the metropolitan area’s hunger to localize its diet."

But there’s growing evidence that these two impulses, toward energy and food independence, may be at odds with each other.

[Read the entire article from The Nation here.]

"Jacki Schilke and her sixty cattle live in the top left corner of North Dakota, a windswept, golden-hued landscape in the heart of the Bakken Shale. Schilke’s neighbors love her black Angus beef, but she’s no longer sharing or eating it—not since fracking began on thirty-two oil and gas wells within three miles of her 160-acre ranch and five of her cows dropped dead. Schilke herself is in poor health. A handsome 53-year-old with a faded blond ponytail and direct blue eyes, she often feels lightheaded when she ventures outside. She limps and has chronic pain in her lungs, as well as rashes that have lingered for a year. Once, a visit to the barn ended with respiratory distress and a trip to the emergency room. Schilke also has back pain linked with overworked kidneys, and on some mornings she urinates a stream of blood."

New York State is now doing a study on the possible negative health effects of of fracking.  How many cases do we have to read about before we have to concede that, yes, fracking makes us sick along with our animals and environment?  In the words of an old song, "How many years will it take till we know that too many people have died?  In many cases, the answer is "blowin' in the wind," quite literally.

We all are subjected daily to the drug commercials, and at the end, of course, we hear all the side effects, including death in some cases.  Well, how about lingering rashes, nosebleeds, respiratory trauma, oh, and cows' tails falling off?  Still want to take the medicine?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rush, NY, Citizens Against Hydrofracking Talk With Vera

Published on Nov 16, 2012 by Ted D Barnett Excerpts from a four-hour tour by Rush, NY residents of hydrofracking sites in Susquehanna County, PA., Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Definitive Guide to the MYTH of Frack Water "Recycling"

This is a great blog post from Bill Huston of Binghamton, NY. He says:

Fact: You cannot make toxins "go away."  We can concentrate the waste; we can separate the waste. We can transform the waste from one state into another.  But we can't make it disappear from the Earth.

See what you think.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Now The Real Work Begins

So, President Obama has been given a second term by the electorate.  Now we have our work cut out!  Oppose the Keystone XL pipeline!   Let's get wind and solar energy subsidized.  Just a few things to do I would say.  Obama won't go in this direction without enormous pressure from us.

Monday, November 5, 2012

If Romney wins, we lose, the planet loses

If Mitt Romney is elected president, expect drilling for fossil fuels to explode. The Republican challenger has promised to double the number of drilling permits issued for federal lands. And that boom would go unregulated: Romney has blasted the current administration's "effort to crimp natural gas by federal regulation of the very technology that produces it.   -Rolling Stone
Here are some beautiful, valuable areas of our country that will be destroyed during a Romney presidency:

Virginia's George Washington National Forest
Montana's Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park
Monterey County, California
Delaware River Basin
Wyoming's Noble Basin
North Carolina's Sand Hill
Utah's Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
Ohio's Suburbs
North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Florida's Everglades

Read more here.

We cannot afford to lose our environment and our health.  We must vote Obama on Tuesday. Future generations are depending on us.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"The Story of Stuff" Weighs In

"A carcinogen-dependent, accident-prone industry has no business setting up shop next to schools and neighborhoods. It has no right to use our communities as its factory floor."

The Story of Stuff Project

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Flare Erupts Out of Control in Texas

Published on Oct 20, 2012 by GARDAPTX On October 2nd, 2012 on Berry Oil lease "Gardendale No10", a flare used for burning off gases into the atmosphere erupted in flames. Smoke and fire shot hundreds of feet into the air almost an hour before Berry Oil employees could shut off the flow of fuel. Apparently, no one was injured in the blaze, but it's notable that Berry Oil plans to drill over 300 wells within the 12 square miles of Gardendale, TX, population 2,200. Berry plans some wells as near as 130 feet from homes and families. Oil industry insiders have described Berry Oil as merely a "bad player". GARDAP would agree with that assessment. You see, we judge Berry, not by what their hired, apologist PR firm, KGB Texas, says about Berry, but rather, what Berry actually does to our community. There is a gathering storm in Gardendale, and the central question still remains: who will be the next Berry Oil casualty?

After the Boom in Natural Gas

The New York Times has published an article today (Clifford Krauss and Eric Lipton) which tells another sad story related to the gas industry. What happens after the drilling is finished and the roughnecks leave town? Here is what is happening in Louisiana where the Haynesville Shale is located: Click here.

"The bust has certainly hit the Haynesville hard. Some local landowners, having spent their initial lease bonuses, are now deeply in debt. Local restaurants and other businesses are suffering steep losses now that so many drillers have left town."

At its peak, Chesapeake Energy ran 38 rigs in the region.  It has drilled more than 1200 wells into the Haynesville (Louisiana and Texas). Now only 2 rigs are in use. The drillers drilled so many wells and extracted so much gas that they have driven the price of natural gas to near-record lows.  The NYT article explains who is making a lot of money and who is suffering financially now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where the Energy Jobs Are

For years, the dirty energy industry has warned of massive job losses if the nation switches to clean energy. It's dead wrong. Max Wei, Shanda Patada, and Daniel Kammen of the University of California at Berkeley reviewed fifteen recent studies on the job-creation potential of various energy sources and found that renewables generate more jobs per unit of energy delivered than do fossil fuels.  For a calculator showing how many jobs could be created under various assumptions, see (See the links on this site.) Figures shown here represent jobs per megawatt and include jobs in construction, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Anybody surprised- beside me?

Hay Fields Ruined By Nearby Gas Drilling in Western New York

In the small village of Arcade in western NY, a farmer learned the hard way just how serious the gas industry is in fixing things when disasters occur.  His hay fields were healthy and productive.  He depended on them to feed his animals.  But now his fields are ruined due to a drilling accident.  No one had to fix the problem, not the industry or any public entity. He has to buy his hay now.  His story is a sad one, but many people are being hurt by this industry in similar ways. 

Read more here.

Arden Landfill, Washington, PA

Click here to see a list of landfills in Pennsylvania that accept Marcellus drilling waste.  We just don't have adequate facilities to deal with the vast amount of fracking waste which will need to be disposed of.  Landfills leak, and they take up enormous amounts of land which could have been used for food production.  These landfills become superfund sites.  And what about air pollution?  Would anyone care to have one of these nextdoor to a home or school? This fracking waste is radioactive. We are dreaming if we think this will work out well.

The Beginning of the Constitution Pipeline (PA)

Even if you don't know a lot about gas pipelines, well pads, or compressor stations, you can appreciate what you are seeing here in this aerial video of the Williams Central Station.  Look at the contrast between the beauty of the fall foliage, the bright green fields, and the surrounding natural environment versus the well pads and compressor station which are destroying this beauty at so many levels, both above ground and underground.  The eye can only see a small portion of the destruction, but it is enough to fill me with dread.  All this industrialization- and for what?  A few years of fossil fuel extraction.  Before long, we will be forced to find sustainable alternatives.  Meanwhile we are still hellbent on destruction of the planet. Why?  We are ruled by corporations, and these corporations are filled with selfish, greedy people who care nothing about the planet.  Can this be refuted?  I think not.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bradford County Farmer: What happened to our family and farm

Dairy Farmer in Bradford County tells her story of Contamination after gas drilling...

This is Carol French's Story-- part 1--

Status Update By Carol French

What have We Done Nearly 30% of the rural farm land located in Bradford County, Pennsylvania was already leased prior 2006. We and 50% of the county decided to lease our land for an average $5- $85/per acre. It would take two more years before the gas companies would convince another 10% to lease their land at $2,500 or more/per acre. During this leasing process, you could feel the excitement. It was the talk of the town. There were suggestions made that if a gas well was drilled on your property you would become the next “shaleionaires.” Everyone was to prosper, new roads, jobs, additional money from leasing and royalties.
It was too good to be true!
By the spring of 2009 there was uneasiness among the farmers that had had a gas well drilled on their property. The local newspaper was reporting contamination found in water wells, death occurring on a gas pad and the farmer was facing the fact that he could lose his farm due to a lawsuit based on the gas companies operation. For myself, I was thinking that our lucky neighbor was going to become the next Millionaire, because they had the gas well drilled on them. Soon my mind changed.
Those farmers were facing penalties lodged against them, due to their land becoming industrial use instead of agricultural use.
Landowners found themselves seeking legal advice, only to find that the attorneys were not experienced in Oil & Gas law, and had a conflict of interest. Example: If the landowner could not afford the attorneys fee, the attorney would simply attach his name to the royalty interest for payment. My neighbor (Carolyn) and I attended a presentation by a professor from Penn State University. He made a statement, saying that we must sacrifice; it was our patriotic duty to assure our Country would be independent from foreign oil. I could not wrap my mind around what he was saying.
Was there legislation insuring that our natural resources would stay in this country? What did he mean we would have to sacrifice?

In December, 2010 – January 2011, three gas wells were drilled near our farm. Farm land was getting ripped up like old material for a patch work quilt. In the middle of 2011, five more gas wells were drilled, surrounding our farm. Two of the gas wells were less than 4,000 feet away. My water changed March 15, 2011. Our water appeared pearly white. Then it had a layer of green moss settling on top of a 1/4 inch of sand as the water would become gelatin like. By October 2011, my daughter became ill. She had a high fever, diarrhea, weight loss of 10 pounds in 7 days, and severe pains in her abdomen. At the hospital they found her liver, spleen and her right ovary was extremely enlarged. Our neighbor living north of us had the same health issues after her water changed in March of that year, except her spleen burst three days after she went to the hospital.
We knew our daughter would have to leave Pennsylvania in order to have a chance of a healthy, normal life.
She moved to Tennessee. We don’t drink the water or the milk from our cows. We still have to bathe in it. Our state agency (Department of Environmental Protection) refuses to test our water; therefore the gas company will not provide water for our cows and my family. I now believe I understand what he met by “we are to sacrifice”

It is October 3, 2012.  Many that quit their previous job to work for the gas related companies are now unemployed.
We have become “prudent partners” with the gas company, by signing a lease, now are finding ourselves responsible for their debts (Mechanics Leans).
There are for sale signs in the yard of a contaminated farm. The farm lost 80%-90% of its value, possibly losing his milk market, and who will buy his cows? Many living in Bradford County have “changed” water, depending on the gas companies to provide water for their families and farms. This has become a huge, expensive burden to the gas companies. Some of the gas companies operating in Bradford County have chosen not to pay for the water bill, resulting in no more water deliveries to the effected families. Other residents have been given water filtration systems, resulting in additional cost to the resident.
We were given a chance to dream, not knowing the true value of what lie so far beneath our land. Not aware of the type of operations that would be conducted on our land. We believed in the false promises made by the gas industry.
Now I wonder, will these private gas companies produce natural gas for this country or produce natural gas for sales overseas, selling to the highest bidder. This would crush the theory of “sacrifice for our country allowing independence from foreign oil”. I keep asking myself, what have we done?

New York Times Publishes Photos of Fracking

October 11th the New York Times published this photo essay of scenes of hydrofracking and other related operations such as flaring and pipelines. There are also photos of people who have been severely impacted by the natural gas industry: the collateral damage, the ones who have no say, the ones who don't matter to the Big Gas people. These photos are beautifully done, very professional, breathtaking if it weren't for the destruction they show. Aerial photos are so revealing! Wide shots give us all a glimpse of the devastation we can't always see otherwise.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vera took this video last night on her way home. Can you imagine what it must be like to see this happening not far from your home? It is alarming. What is being emitted into the air here? This can't be healthy, can it? There are homes nearby. Vera wrote: Taped 10-9-12. Saw this tonight on my way home. Flaring on Valley View Rd., but seen from Laurel Lake Rd., and something I hadn't noticed before. Looks like Gas Fumes comes up off the two flares. Franklin Twp. , Susquehanna County, Pa. Why is this being allowed ?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Louis W. Allstadt On Gas Drilling In New York State and the SGEIS

Lou Allstadt discusses the enormous inadequacies of the New York State SGEIS. His talk can also be viewed here: For an excellent article on this topic, click HERE. Lou Allstadt is a former Mobil Oil Corp. executive. Initially a proponent of gas drilling, he now is "convinced the economic prospects are largely hype and that the state's environmental regulators are disturbingly unprepared to deal with the side effects of such an invasive industrial activity."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tanker Spills Drilling Wastewater in PA Creek

Pine Creek

Jersey Shore, PA:  A tanker carrying 4,600 gallons of fracking wastewater has spilled its load near a storm drain that empties into Pine Creek, a popular fishing spot in Lycoming County.

Read the short article from The Republic here.

This incident gets very little attention, but things like this happen much too often.  Are people becoming de-sensitized?

Division of Mineral Resources (NY) Documented Oil and Gas Problems

Walter Hang speaks. When Walter speaks, people listen! Watch this!

Walter Hang Challenges the NY DEC Over Uncapped Wells

Walter Hang of Ithaca-based environmental database firm, Toxics Targeting, on Wednesday released a set of documents he says indicate shortcomings in the state DEC's regulation of conventional oil and gas drilling, and lead to questions about whether the agency is equipped to regulate hydrofracking.  The documents were taken from 25 years of annual reports from the DEC's Division of Mineral Resources and show that the DEC has been trying to deal with a slew of uncapped wells left over from decades when regulations weren't as strict. Hang and others, including Binghamton's Mayor Ryan, are calling for a complete scrapping of the SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Study) which has been ongoing for the last 4 years.  Hang says that this document is completely inadequate. 

Read the Ithaca Journal article here.

New York records show history of oil, gas well problems: Click here.

Protesters: Gas Industry Doen't Mix With Finger Lakes Tourism

Protest in Hector, NY, September 26th

The Corning Leader reported on a protest at Wednesday's dedication at the Hector fire hall of the Seneca Lake Scenic Byway .  A press conference was held by Gas Free Seneca and Hector Clean Waters just yards away at the Hazlitt 1852 Winery. As the ribbon was cut, opening Route 414 as a New York State scenic byway, the protestors stood in the background, unfurling banners.
The point they wanted to get across: Why designate the Seneca wine trail as a scenic byway to help bring more tourists, then allow heavy shale gas drilling and a large-scale LPG storage and distribution facility?
Read the article here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Visit With Activist Susan Walker In Elmira Jail

Susan Walker of Dundee, NY, is in jail after participating in an action blocking the gates of an Inergy compression station in Watkins Glen September 6th:

Hi Doug,
I thought by sending this to you, it would reach the people who want to know how Susan is doing. I DID POST IT TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE FOR SUSAN!

Her son, Zach and I went to visit tonight. Zach was very nervous about seeing his mom in jail, but as we waited and talked, he relaxed and sang songs for the others waiting to see their loved ones (one man waiting worked for the gas company). He is a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor and a GREAT singing voice.
Just as Jack reported, there is a series of doors and metal detectors and looks in our mouths and under our tongues. We waited for about 10 minutes or so for the next group of inmates to come into the visiting area. Susan had a lovely look of surprise and love on her face when she saw her son, and so did he. They hugged hello (which can only be done at the beginning and end of a visit). Having never met Susan, I must say that she looked great and was calm and even looked good in orange (the color of jail jumpsuits-this was Zach's comment).
Susan stated that she is well, feels good and is deeply moved by all of the cards and letters that she is getting. She said that she reads them to all the girls in the unit and they all feel so uplifted by the words of encouragement. So, the cards are a huge help in many ways... She stated that it is really noisy in there, and the lights are on most of the time. Susan stated that she hasn't been able to take her meds but she is doing OK about it. When I asked her if she needs anything, she said no, she has pencil and paper and two stamps. She is writing one letter to Jack and wondered who she should write to thank for all of the support.
She said the guards were telling her about the rally on Thursday and they had never seen anything like that before.
(Many of them didn't know what fracking was, so she continues her work while on the inside!) I told her that there are nightly vigils and she was stunned. We had 25 people tonight.
As a matter of fact, during the visit, some of the visitors were saying "There's a protest out there!" and the inmates were pointing to Susan saying it was for her. "She's a nice lady!" one of the female inmates said.
Susan was very touched to know that Sandra Steingraber encouraged us to wear pearls after watching Susan hand over her string ot pears to her friend while being escorted out of the courtroom last week.

Zach and his mom talked a lot, giggled and laughed and caught up on things. Zach sang to his mom and Susan, as any mother would, displayed tons of love for her son with adoring looks. You can tell they really like each other.
Susan said that she will be "released" Friday. Here is how it goes: she will be taken to Schuyler Jail at 10PM to be processed. Then, she will be let out at midnight Friday morning.
I gave lots of room for the two to visit but all three of us had a good chat. When it was time to go, Zach and Susan hugged. When outside the jail, Zach said that he felt so much better seeing his mom and knowing she was not in distress. "I'll have a relaxed ride home now! I feel so much better!".
By the way, Zach will NOT be down on Wednesday to see his mother, so that means that if two people would like to visit Susan, it can be done. I'm not sure how to determine who that would be so I'll let you decide amongst yourselves. I could call Zach to see if any family wants to visit to be on the safe side.
It was a wonderful visit. Susan is kind and soft spoken. When asked if she has any regrets, she said, without pausing "NO!".
What a fine person Susan Walker is.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Visiting With Susan Walker In Elmira Jail

Protesters chained themselves to the fence September 6th.

Susan Walker, a resident of Dundee, N.Y. and one of the Seneca Three, was arrested September 6th near Watkins Glen at a protest against Inergy.  She now sits in the Chemung County Jail.  Read more here.

A friend visited her and files this report:

Hi Folks:

I just returned from Elmira's Chemung Co. jail and visited Susan Walker of the Seneca Three from 5:30-6:30PM.
To convey a sense of the visit you wait outside with several people until you are allowed in by a guard. The guard asks you to pay a quarter and store everything on your person (except your clothes) in a storage locker. You remove the key and give it to him along with your ID (driver's license). I removed my belt and put it on a table.You go through a metal detector, my shoes triggered it, removed and then OK. The guard fully inspected my shoes. You re-belt yourself.

You are issued a piece of paper with the information to hand to a guard inside the visiting area that will identify who you are visiting. You then move into a small room, it's locked and then you wait until the door to the visiting area is opened. Then you are directed to a circular metal seat by a guard where you wait for about 20-25 minutes. Finally, before the buttocks expire, Susan arrives. Please, I'm not in any way comparing my pain to what she is enduring.

She's in good spirits and seems committed to spending her time in jail with the option that a pre-paid arranged amount of phone time would give her a way of contacting us if she changes her position. I 'm arranging that through some phone numbers for phone access that were provided by a CO at the jail. Another option is a pre-paid phone card.

I also contacted her son to update him.

She is in an individual holding cell that measures 7'x7' and the bed has a thin mattress and blanket. She gets her exercise by running in place. The visiting hours are on Monday Weds and Fri from 2:15-8:30PM. There can only be 2 one hour visits with a maximum of two people/visit/week. I'll be returning on Monday with some information she's requested and she's open to receiving other visitors. If someone else would like to accompany me on Monday please let me know by phone 607-243-7262 or 315-521-4458

Over $120 was donated by folks at the vigil this afternoon, $50 of which was spent for her in jail account to buy toiletries and other items (only fictional paperbacks are available for purchase.She is hoping to get some reading materials on health related topics from a nurse she's seen.

It looks as if she will be released early; perhaps on Thurs., which squares with what Joe Heath has stated. She's concerned that her time be beneficial to the struggle. We discussed her keeping a journal, seeing that she had gotten a pencil to keep some notes. The question is whether she will be able to leave with them. I was not allowed to keep any notes of my visit.

I was struck by the really high percentages of people of color in the visiting area; I'd guess 80% plus. The visiting area accommodated around two dozen inmates and up to twice that many visitors if everyone had two visitors. Generally there were two guards with strict rules for asking permission to stand up or reach across the middle of the face to face visiting table, which had a raised section in the middle. One by one folks were informed that their time was up and additional guards came to retrieve the inmates. Visitors left through a small locked room from which an outside guard released the visitors by actuating a release mechanism on the lock.

I haven't been in a jail in quite a few years so this was a re-education and a prompt reminder of how sweet our freedom of movement can be.

One of the folks visiting at the same time I was said her boyfriend had been fined $33 and didn't attend his hearing which prompted his bench warrent arrest and a sentence of 120 days (90 with good behavior) and a bail set at $750. I don't think this case could be defined as justice either.

The last thing I'd like to purpose is that we attempt to get folks there every day that Susan is in jail to have a hour or so vigil. She mentioned that she was aware through employees in the jail that the vigils was happening. A candlelight one around 7 each night might be nice. What are your thoughts? I'm intending to get a meeting wizard out to the lists to see what kind of response evolves.

Fracking is criminal. See draft Public Law 1 to criminalize fracking:

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

-Frederick Douglass

Gov. Christie (NJ) Vetoes Frack Wastewater Bill

N. J. Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill Friday that would have banned wastewater generated by gas drilling from being treated or disposed of in New Jersey.  Read the article here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bradford County (PA) Farmers Tell Their Tragic Story: The Sacrifice

Published on Aug 25, 2012 by veraduerga

Two women dairy farmers from Bradford County, Pa., tell their stories about life with gas drilling and fracking and all the problems they have encountered the past four years. Sponsored by Sharon Springs Against Fracking, with Bob Nied introducing them.

Sandra Steingraber Speaks in Support of Susan Walker

Biologist Sandra Steingraber speaks at a press conference outside Chemung County Jail (Elmira, NY) where one of the "Seneca Three", Susan Walker, is being held for blocking the gate at Inergy's Seneca Lake gas storage facility project on September 6th of this year. Walker refused to pay a fine and was therefore incarcerated. She will remain in jail for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is Chesapeake Energy Abandoning the Marcellus Shale Region?

This is huge news! 
The Marcellus Shale releases dry gas (no oil mixed in).  But dry gas is so cheap that it is not economically feasible to extract and sell.  Wet gas which contains some oil is much more profitable.  The oil separated from it can be sold for $90 a barrel.  Even T. Boone Pickens has dumped his investments in Chesapeake Energy.  Wet gas is found in the Utica Shale, a formation below the Marcellus and prevalent in SW PA and Ohio. 

The June shareholders meeting of Chesapeake Energy was tense as shareholders became aware of the difference between dry gas and wet gas.  Might they have been told of this from the beginning, they asked.  They are understandably very upset and confused.  Leaseholders are wondering if they will ever get the royalties they were promised. 

The Marcellus Shale Play is still at the speculative stage.  Now the actual figures are looking quite bad in comparison to the wildly optimistic predictions that landmen made to convince landowners to sign leases.

Read the article here.

Aubrey McClendon was stripped of his chairmanship of Chesapeake.  Now some are calling for his resignation from the Board of Directors.  Chesapeake may be headed for disaster as its cash flow dwindles by the day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dr.Sandra Steingraber narrates this slide show which tells the story of high-volume, slickwater, horizontal hydrofracking, a method of extracting tiny bubbles of natural gas from tight shale, in this case, the Marcellus Shale. In her quiet, sweet voice she describes what is happening under the ground, under our feet, and how this process is destroying our planet. Don't let her quiet voice deceive you. She is telling a devastating story that everyone should hear. This is a crisis of monumental proportions.

Summary: Author Sandra Steingraber, who is at the forefront of efforts to halt fracking across the Marcellus Shale deposits, reads excerpts from her essay about the fiftieth anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, accompanied by a full portfolio of fracking photos by Nina Berman.

A few comments from viewers: 1 Marc Mullinax on Aug 24, 2012 Last two minutes, with the author’s questions, are very powerful. They should be the same questions we pose to ourselves 2 Ellen Newton Duell on Aug 24, 2012 I am passionately devoted to preventing fracking and use of injection wells for fracking wastewater. Thank you for this excellent article. And deep gratitude to Rachel Carson. 3 joan meierotto on Aug 24, 2012 Very well done. Thank you Sandra and Rachel. 5 Angela Monti Fox, The Mothers Project on Aug 24, 2012 Thanks you Sandra for this wonderful piece that will help us all in providing another voice for this hydrofracking tragedy. An excellent teaching tool to help inform those who are still without real knowledge and truth. Angela Monti Fox 6 John Trallo on Aug 25, 2012 I mourn for my home state, Pennsylvania, the largest continuous stretch of forest land in North America, and for the future generations who will never know the asthetic beauty, pure water, clean air, and way of life that was once Pennsylvania. 7 cyril robinson on Aug 25, 2012 fracking is the pollution that Rachel Carson fought against and the way to remember her is to carry on her fight. We must think of her as ever-present urging us on as a figure likeJoan of Arc with her standard flying as she marches in front of this sacred environmental army. 8 Pauline Matt on Aug 25, 2012 Oh my, Nothing to say…just a deep hurtful cry.

Just a deep hurtful cry....

Monday, September 3, 2012

Loyalsock Creek Ruined by Pipeline Installation

Drilling "Accident" on Loyalsock Creek east of Worlds End State Park in Central Pa. Thank you Gov. Corbett, DEP, DCNR and the inept and Criminally Negligent Williams Co. and it's Contractors for fouling this pristine stream on Labor Day Weekend 2012!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aerial Photos of Pennsylvania Gas Development

Aerial photographs of the natural gas exploration being done in and around the Pine Creek Valley in Central PA. Photos by Bill Crowell.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Citizen Journalist Vera Talks With a Gas Worker (PA)

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by
Taped 8-27-12. Young Gas Worker tells me that gas drilling is safe and not to worry.

My comment:  This young man is typical of the sheep that work in the gas industry, sheep because they question nothing and trust that the PA DEP will protect everyone.  These people are blustery, rude, and naive without realizing it.  They seem to want to intimidate others.  His biggest concern is that the gas industry brings jobs.  Good point, however most of these jobs are low-paying and many are temporary with no benefits and are extremely dangerous to workers.  Furthermore, this guy, when asked if jobs are worth destroying the future for our kids and grandkids, seemed to poo-poo the thought and wanted Vera to think this was a ridiculous notion.  He did not know to whom he was speaking- obviously.  As usual, great reporting, Vera.

My heart goes out to people who need good jobs.  I can understand why they would take jobs in the gas industry, but it is a doomed situation.  With no good air or water there will be no way to live in these areas and therefore no jobs or people around to take them. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Orion Magazine: The Fracking of Rachel Carson

The latest issue of Orion Magazine is an excellent one. I highly recommend Sandra Steingraber's article, "The Fracking of Rachel Carson."  You will see poignant photographs and be treated to Dr. Steingraber's compelling style of expression.  She always draws me in from the first sentence.

To go to her article, click here.

Rachel Louise Carson

Friday, August 24, 2012

PA Resident Speaks To New Yorkers About the Natural Gas Industry

Vera Scroggins of Susquehanna County, PA, tells her personal story about how she got involved in the fight for public health and saving the beautiful land where she and her family settled years ago.  She speaks from the heart and knows her stuff.  She knows what she is talking about because she is living it every day.  She wants New York to be saved from the hell PA is experiencing. In this video, she is speaking to New Yorkers who live in Schoharie County.

Listen to Vera!  She speaks the truth!
DEP= Don't Expect Protection

Check Out This Blog: The Marcellus Effect

Sue Heavenrich is an excellent journalist-blogger.  Bookmark her page and read her often!

Click here.

Today's piece is about selling US natural gas overseas (which is economically advantageous).  The next time you hear someone say we can bring our soldiers home by drilling our country into oblivion, think again. It is a BIG LIE. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Letter About Fracking in Ohio: Read by Melissa Leo

Published on Aug 14, 2012 by NYAgainstFracking Jamie Frederick's letter regarding her experiences with fracking in Ohio, as read by Melissa Leo at the New Yorkers Against Fracking Rally & Concert at The Egg in Albany NY on May 15, 2012. Read more about this here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inergy Protested in Watkins Glen, NY, August 17th

More than 200 people protested loudly against the proposed Inergy propane and natural gas storage facility Friday, April 17. The people oppose putting millions of gallons propane (and eventually natural gas) in salt caverns below the glacier-built Seneca Lake. Already the company has been spilling salty brine water into the lake without even telling regulators of the violations.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Constitution Pipeline: Rebecca Roter Speaks Up (PA)

Are people protected from harm when a pipeline goes in? Not if the area is Class One. No oversight for public safety. Hear from Rebecca Roter how a gas pipeline will impact this resident of Susquehanna County. She tells a lot about the facts of the situation, but then when the interviewer asks her about the emotional impacts of what is happening, you can see the human toll the gas industry is taking. The industry is ruining her property and her life. The worst thing is that Cabot and Williams Midstream really don't care about the people that live in the areas they are destroying.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flaring in PA

Flaring: wasting natural gas while polluting the atmosphere.  This is part of the dirty natural gas industry.  How much natural gas is wasted this way?

Read more here and here.

And from Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project:  Click here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

People Flee As Chemical Cloud Hovers Near New Columbia (PA)

Last Thursday, August 9th, a horrifying emergency unfolded during the late hours of the night, causing panic among residents and emergency workers alike.  A Halliburton truck carrying hydrochloric acid had a leak.  The driver pulled in to a convenience store and got out to try to deal with the situation. Read more..........

Click here.

Having to flee in the middle of the night with your young children and drive away from your home in fear- is this what it has come to?  The natural gas industry is an extremely dangerous industry.  They are invading our highways, our neighborhoods, our schools, our homes.  And for what?  A few years of fossil fuel energy?   We must quit this insanity and develop sustainable energy programs.  It is completely possible.  Other countries are way ahead of us.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Montrose (PA) Truck Traffic From Gas Industry

Published on Aug 10, 2012 by
In Montrose, Pa. , on route 29 , around 6 pm. , through business district. Longest procession yet. I stopped taping at five minutes and it was still going on for another couple of minutes. Frack trucks, sand trucks, water trucks, etc..

New Yorkers do not want this-  I hope.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fracking Waste Messes With Texas: Rachel Maddow Show

Terrence Henry, energy and environment reporter for StateImpact Texas, talks with Rachel Maddow about the sudden rash of earthquakes in Texas, apparently the result of the disposal of waste fluid resulting from natural gas fracking. From the August 7th, 2012 edition of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marcellus Shale Reality Tour #9
 A video by Scott Cannon

Thousands of Americans from across the country united in Washington, D.C. July 28th to rally in front of the U.S. Capitol and march through the streets to express their outrage about environmental harms from oil and gas development. People traveled to Washington from North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, California, and probably more. Some even biked 400 miles to get to Washington. Citizens came from different political views, energy perspectives, generations, and backgrounds. Some were mineral owners, former oil and gas industry workers, farmers, and nurses. They voiced their concerns about clean water, clean air, global warming, toxic waste, and worker safety. People joined together to show that this is an issue that crosses party lines and state borders.

All Americans agree on the importance of clean air, clean water, healthy children, and safe communities. Everyone who rallied and marched today shares these desires and agrees on the need for drastic change in the direction of our energy policy–starting with a change in the rules for oil and gas development, including fracking. It was an amazing gathering of Americans who share a vision of a clean energy future.

 “The opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition.”

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Gasman (16 Tons Parody)

In the New York area? Please go to:

Check out Gasland! Nominated "Best Documentary" by the 2011 Academy Awards!!!

Some people say that jobs will come with the drills but they outsource their workers cause they've got the skills they've got the skills and you're unemployed they've got a life that's rich while your's is destroyed

You let the gas man in what did ya get a little bit of money, lifetime of regret you signed on all the leases and gave 'em control you sold your soul for a poisonous hole

The tourists won't come when the drills all arrive it's no fun to see a drill everywhere that you drive they want 80,000 drills in upstate NY alone you can't blame the sighteers for just stayin home

You let the gas man in what did ya get a little bit of money, lifetime of regret you signed on all the leases and gave 'em control you sold your soul for a poisonous hole

When the drills get to going then the fun will begin they fracture through the bedrock and pump the chemicals in chemicals in then the gas rises up then you toast your fortunes with a poisonous cup

You let the gas man in what did ya get a little bit of money, lifetime of regret you signed on all the leases and gave 'em control you sold your soul for a poisonous hole

When the gasman comes you better not let him in You're bettin' on a game that you're not gonna win you're not gonna win when the dealer's corrupt and it's much too late when your water erupts

you let the drills come in and what did ya get a poisoned environment and mountain of debt you signed on all the leases and gave 'em control you sold your soul for a poisonous hole

New York, we're next.  Gov. Cuomo is for it.  He wants gas drilling in New York State.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Huge Sinkhole In Louisiana Near Gas Well and Pipeline

Breaking news with updates from Assumption Parish, LA  (from Texas Sharon).......yesterday a huge sinkhole covering several acres appeared, swallowing trees and causing the area to be evacuated.  You won't hear this on network news.

Read more here. Photos included.

Visit Marcellus Effect blog for the story there.  Thanks to Sue Heavenrich for her great reporting.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ten Reasons Why Fracking Is Doomed

"Proponents of natural gas fracturing and oil drilling are delirious with joy over the ability to recover shale gas, which has brought down world gas prices and made the US a major player again. Likewise, North Dakota wells are set to produce up to 800,000 barrels of oil a day soon. (Although, since the world uses roughly 89 million barrels a day, and the US uses a fifth of that, and demand in Asia will likely spike in coming years, the ND addition is just not that much).

Fracking is dangerous to ground water purity, and both oil and gas, as hydrocarbons, contribute to global climate change, which is a dire threat to human well-being in coming decades and centuries.
But oil and gas triumphalists have another think coming. It is that the cost of generating electricity by wind and solar is falling rapidly. However hard they try to suppress government funding and tax breaks for renewables, Big Oil and Big Gas are doomed to lose, and in only about 4 years."

Click here to read the article by Juan Cole.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

David Letterman on Fracking: We're Screwed

My grandson on the shore of the Susquehanna River, Bradford County, PA
He can't go there anymore.  It's not safe.

To get to Letterman's comments,  go to about 12:45-14:45.

Worth taking a look.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pete Seeger Speaks To Gov. Cuomo About Fracking In NY

Gas Drilling Brings Great Jobs?

From a PA online forum- an eye witness writes:

"The yellow school bus with Texas plates full of migrant day laborers just went up my hill to work at the 54-acre Williams site, the Williams Midstream Central Station, the beginning of the 30-inch transmission line the Constitution."

Are these the great jobs that we hear the industry talking about?

For more on the Williams Midstream Central Station and maps, click HERE.

Nationwide Is On Our Side: No Coverage For Drilling Damage

US insurance company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Ompany, is the first to say it won't cover damage by gas drilling.  Nationwide said risks "are too great to ignore."   It's about time.

After months of research and discussion, we have determined that the exposures presented by hydraulic fracturing are too great to ignore. Risks involved with hydraulic fracturing are now prohibited for General Liability, Commercial Auto, Motor Truck Cargo, Auto Physical Damage and Public Auto (insurance) coverage.
It said "prohibited risks" apply to landowners who lease land for shale gas drilling and contractors involved in fracking operations, including those who haul water to and from drill sites, pipe and lumber haulers, and operators of bulldozers, dump trucks and other vehicles used in drill site preparation.

Read more here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dimock Speaks, Hydrofracking and Health

Uploaded by rnntv on Feb 14, 2012 An RFL Special Investigation into Hydrofracking. Dimock, PA is a town so divided over gas drilling - the two sides describe the fight as a civil war. On the one hand, there are people who claim the health consequences of hydrofracking are so severe, it contaminated their water and left them unable to have kids. On the other hand, there's people who say it's the best thing that ever happened to Dimock. But no matter which side you speak to...everyone agrees, it's changed their community.

Sandra Steingraber: Carcinogens In Water or Air Leads To Cancer

Published on Jun 25, 2012 by LivingDownstreamFilm "I'm only a population of one. I would not be able to say with certainty that the cause of my disease was any one chemical. We can't say that, biologically. What we can say is that, when you have carcinogens in the drinking water supply, or in an air supply, or in a food web, somebody's going to get cancer." —Sandra Steingraber

Compressor Station Explosion Kills One

Article published Jun 25, 2012

One dead in explosion at BP compression station

By Shane Benjamin
An explosion at a large gas compression station owned by BP killed one worker and seriously injured two others.
The explosion, which occurred at about 8:15 a.m. today at BP’s PiƱon Compression Station, temporarily closed U.S. Highway 160 five miles east of Elmore’s Corner.
“At this time the immediate concern is for the people involved,” Julie Levy, a spokeswoman for BP.
Dan Bender, spokesman for the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, said one was confirmed dead and two seriously injured. There were several other workers on site at the time.
Residents in the area reported hearing the explosion. Bender said there was an explosion but no fire followed. There is no ongoing risk at the facility in conjunction with the explosion, he said.
The highway was reopened after about a half an hour.
The compression station is BP’s largest in La Plata County. The company routinely works with local emergency workers on disaster plans in the event of an explosion.
The compression station is one of two major facilities owned by BP where natural gas is gathered to be put in a pipeline.
It is located in the 35000 block north of Highway 160 near a fire station owned by the Upper Pine Fire Protection District.
Further details were not immediately available.
Message from:
Gwen Lachelt, Founder & Director
Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project
970-259-3353 x 1


Friday, June 22, 2012

Will Gov. Cuomo Frack New York State? We Can Help Stop Him!

Here's what we can do to try to stop this ghastly plan that Cuomo has come up with:

Dear Friends,
In response to the New York Times Article from 6/13: Cuomo Proposal Would Restrict Gas Drilling to a Struggling Area  Here are 4 things you can do:
1. Read the attached press release
by the Northeast Organic Farming Association that will raise an alarm for everyone.

2. Watch:
THE SKY IS PINK: Josh Fox's 18 minute short created for Governor Cuomo and released by Rolling Stone Magazine,
3. Call Governor Cuomo Tuesday, June 26th and demand that he ban fracking in New York State: 1-866- 584-6799!
The New York State Legislature is almost certainly going to end their session this week without protecting New Yorkers from fracking, particularly residents of the Southern Tier. Now it’s up to the Governor.
The New York Times article states that gas permits may begin being issued later this summer primarily in Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Chemung and Steuben Counties. In press interviews over the last couple of days the Governor has tried to backpedal, claiming that no decisions have been made, but he has not committed to protecting New Yorkers from fracking. He has not even publically admitted that the SGEIS is still lacking the necessary health and environmental studies.
YET: "More than seven out of 10 New York state voters (72 percent) think that Governor Cuomo should "wait for all the necessary health and environmental studies to be completed first before opening the state to fracking," according to a major new Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey." from
In just two days New Yorkers Against Fracking generated thousands of calls, faxes, Facebook posts and tweets to Governor Cuomo to ban fracking. Hundreds of us attended rallies across the state, including one just outside of the Governor’s office in the Capital.
But this has not been enough. We need to work harder to make our voices heard!
Please, join us Tuesday, June 26th for a call-in day to Governor Cuomo to demand environmental justice for the Southern Tier - and the rest of New York:

Tell him:
No to a fractured New York ! No to sacrifice zones! We are one New York !
Families in the Southern Tier deserve good health and clean water too!

4. Forward and post these requests far and wide!!
Thank you!

Anna Sears and Nedra Harvey
R-CAUSE (Rochesterians Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sky Is Pink: Josh Fox's New Movie For NY

Dear Friends,

I know I don’t have to tell any of you what a vulnerable moment this is for New York and all New Yorkers. The New York Times has reported that Governor Andrew Cuomo will soon announce that drilling will be permitted in parts of the following five New York Counties: Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Steuben and Tioga in the Southern Tier. The Governor’s office has made no official announcement as yet, but all indications suggest that the counties listed above will be the first to be sacrificed and that drilling may be permitted as early as this summer. We’ve made a new short film, The Sky is Pink, which has just been released at Rolling Stone Magazine online. The Sky Is Pink details the shocking campaign of misinformation perpetuated by the gas industry, their flagrant disregard for the health and safety of the communities they ravage, and the historic decision that Governor Cuomo is about to make. We’re telling Governor Cuomo that there are no expendable counties or communities in New York State and that we are not willing to allow the gas industry to exploit or endanger any of our fellow citizens. Governor Cuomo and his administration must be held to their promise to make decisions on behalf of New Yorkers based on sound science and they must provide the people of New York with a full Health Impact Assessment. We demand that no weak compromises or deals are cut that send New York down the slippery slope toward a full-scale assault by the gas industry. I’m asking you to help us make sure this film reaches far and wide. Clearly the 60,000 comments received by New York’s Department of Environmental Protection have been ignored. Clearly, we’re going to need to be even louder this time if we are going to be heard. We need to tell Governor that hydraulic fracturing is not safe, not now, not ever and not in New York State.

Read Jeff Goodell's article at Rolling Stone Magazine here: You`can also watch the full film here:

 Please, send it to everyone you know. Post it everywhere you can.

Love, Josh

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New York DEC Region 7 Demonstration June 14 in Syracuse

It is not okay to turn any part of New York or any New Yorkers into sacrificial guinea pigs. The science is clear that nothing short of a statewide ban will protect all New Yorkers.

Do not frack New York!  Fracking poorer counties is unethical just because the citizens need money and think that gas drilling will make them rich.  Start small in the Southern Tier?  Then what?  With a foot in the door, go big later?  Is that the plan?  Let drilling spread gradually?  No.  We must not allow New York to be fracked.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hancock, NY, Compressor Station: How Loud Would It Be?

A creative edit of Steve Sullivan, spokesmen for Millennium Pipeline Company, with Anthony DePalma (Delaware Lake Assocation) and graphics illustrating what 15,000 horsepower is like... Will it sound like a refrigerator?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chip Northrup Speaks On Gas Industry Impacts (Vestal, NY)

Taped 6-6-12. Chip talks about the Gas Industry Impacts. Former Atlantic Richfield planning manager and oil and gas investor for thirty years. Fracking Aquifers and Well Failures and why the DEC can't protect you from this threat to Vestal's drinking water. Taped at Calvary United Methodist Church, Vestal, NY..

Thank you, Vera Scroggins, for taping this talk!  New Yorkers, listen up!  (I'm one of you!)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sandra Steingraber Speaks In Vestal, NY

Published on Jun 7, 2012 by
Taped 6-6-12. At Calvary United Methodist Church, Vestal, NY.. Living Downstream from Fracking and the impacts from all the toxins from the gas extraction process on our environment and health.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Untested Science: Fracking Natural Gas Controversy

Published on Apr 13, 2012 by 16x9onglobal A new frontier of natural gas production is making controversial headlines. Hydraulic Fracturing or "fracking" is becoming more common in Canada. But experts say "fracking" can cause contaminated ground water, earthquakes and pollute our land with toxic chemicals.

Unearthed: The Fracking Facade

Published on May 4, 2012 by uneartheddocumentary Un•earthed: Setting the track record straight - A video exposing a flawed claim often abused in the sales pitch for promoting shale gas development across the world: "With a history of 60 years, after nearly a million wells drilled, there are no documented cases that hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') has lead to the contamination of groundwater." Brought to you by the team behind the upcoming South African feature documentary, Un•earthed, that is investigating natural gas development and the controversial method of extraction known as "fracking" from a global perspective. Should South Africa and other countries drill down?

Gas Drilling: Moratoria, Bans, Resolutions

Arnold Fracking Fluid Processing Plant in Bradford County, PA

Want to know who is against gas drilling in New York, Pennsylvania, and other states, and Canada, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Romania, South Africa, and Switzerland? Click /uploads/8/0/2/5/8025484/6-3-12hoff_bansmoratoriastatementsrevision.doc
Thanks to Joe Hoff, Chairman of Keuka Citizens Against Hydrofracking!  A lot of work has gone into this document.  Data current as of June 3rd, 2012.  Fifteen pages long.  It will surprise you!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PA Streambed Moving: A Strange Sight

Don writes, "Folks, there should be solid rock in the streambed under my feet. It's anything but solid." He describes the creek bed: "I found sediment several feet deep that shakes like pudding."

More on this story HERE.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson Biography
Biologist, Writer, Ecologist, 1907-1964
“The ‘control of nature’ is a phrase conceived in arrogance, born of the Neanderthal age of biology and the convenience of man.”

Rachel Carson was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania, and spent her childhood on a farm. She studied English and Zoology at Pennsylvania College for Women (now Chatham College) and received her M.S. degree in Marine Biology from Johns Hopkins University. She taught Zoology at the University of Maryland before going to work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where, in 1949, she became chief editor of publications. In 1952 she purchased land on the Sheepscot River in West Southport, Maine.

If the courage of a single human voice can be measured by the ferocity of the attempts to silence it, the writer of The Silent Spring (1962) stands as a truthteller of exceptional courage and insight. Her carefully researched exposure of the environmental damage caused by widespread use of pesticides was vigorously attacked by chemical corporations. In 1992 a panel of distinguished Americans voted The Silent Spring the most influential book of the past fifty years. Today Rachel Carson is revered as the founder of the environmental movement in America.
Her earlier books include Under the Sea Wind, The Sea Around Us and The Edge of the Sea. In 1954 she wrote: “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

After the publication of The Silent Spring Rachel Carson wrote to a friend: “The beauty of the living world I was trying to save has always been uppermost in my mind—that, and anger at the senseless, brutish things that were being done. I have felt bound by a solemn obligation to do what I could---if I didn’t at least try I could never be happy again in nature.”

Leroy Blowout (PA): Just Another "Unintended Return"?

Just so we're all clear: THIS IS NOT A SURFACE SPILL! This crap erupted from beneath the surface. The spray pattern on vegetation surrounding ground zero for this eruption spreads out at LEAST 25 feet or more in all directions. More to follow. Thank you, Don Williams, for this video report. This is a nightmare. Related news: LINK DEP issues statement...