Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sandra Steingraber Speaks In Vestal, NY

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Taped 6-6-12. At Calvary United Methodist Church, Vestal, NY.. Living Downstream from Fracking and the impacts from all the toxins from the gas extraction process on our environment and health.


Anonymous said...

I want to know what this lady does to get to these speaking events. Does she drive a car? How does she heat her house? no mater what she is doing, the truth of it all is that she does not have all the info or the facts about things. there are strict guidlines in place to stop the effects on the comunity around these sites. She has been seen out filming the flares of the gas that is being burned off. This is done to get the water that was put into the ground back out of the well to kepp it from becomeing a problem. these flares are the pureset form of gas that is coming back out of the ground. Before you take this womans word to heart do some of your on research on what is really going on out here. then look at what you use as a form of power in your home,car, and what ever you run. WHERE DOES IT START oil,gas,coal they all come from the ground. It has been said that she is just pissed off at the gas compaines that the land she owns is not over the shale and cant put any money in her own pocket.

Peacegirl said...

My dear reader,
Dr. Steingraber knows what she is talking about all right. She knows a whole lot more than you do. That is obvious. Your knowledge of flaring, for example, is completely lacking. This esteemed biologist, author, teacher, and mother recently won the Heinz Award with a cash prize of $100,000 which she could have used for her own medical care as a cancer survivor or to send her two kids to college, but instead she is giving it away to help fight gas drilling. Can you top that? Did you know that the planet has a finite amount of fossil fuels? We should conserve and also put all our efforts into sustainable sources of energy of which are the hope of our future.