Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bradford County (PA) Farmers Tell Their Tragic Story: The Sacrifice

Published on Aug 25, 2012 by veraduerga

Two women dairy farmers from Bradford County, Pa., tell their stories about life with gas drilling and fracking and all the problems they have encountered the past four years. Sponsored by Sharon Springs Against Fracking, with Bob Nied introducing them.

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smurfette said...

This sounds so hopeless. What a horrible situation! You have to be a genius with thousands of extra hours just to straighten out the twisted web of tales told by the gas companies and the policies that apply. Half of the gas well casings are failing? Just burying maple trees that have been contaminated by sludge and hydrochloric acid? It really does seem like our maple syrup, tree nuts, and other products may become suspect. These women are heroines for giving of their time and themselves to help other people to avoid becoming sacrifices as they and their neighbors were. As their host said, it DOES make sense to learn about hydrofracking from first-hand accounts of living with it rather than from companies and groups who have vested interests but no personal experiences.Bravo to these two women!