Tuesday, August 14, 2012

People Flee As Chemical Cloud Hovers Near New Columbia (PA)

Last Thursday, August 9th, a horrifying emergency unfolded during the late hours of the night, causing panic among residents and emergency workers alike.  A Halliburton truck carrying hydrochloric acid had a leak.  The driver pulled in to a convenience store and got out to try to deal with the situation. Read more..........

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Having to flee in the middle of the night with your young children and drive away from your home in fear- is this what it has come to?  The natural gas industry is an extremely dangerous industry.  They are invading our highways, our neighborhoods, our schools, our homes.  And for what?  A few years of fossil fuel energy?   We must quit this insanity and develop sustainable energy programs.  It is completely possible.  Other countries are way ahead of us.

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smurfette said...

Well, this was quite close to our Camp and it said the truck driver was lost and just happened to go to this location. Bad luck for those people for certain. Of course, the gas co. said the truck was "in compliance" , but with a quarter-sized hole leaking a toxic acid cloud which traveled over to the elementary school and made it impossible to even SEE the gas station, I'd say "in compliance" standards aren't that great.The only reason the people were notified was that one of them noticed the driver shoveling ash at the scene and figured it had to be an acid leak. I agree that it's time to stop trying to break up the earth with toxic chemicals for a few more years of fossil fuels. Renewable energy is possible, as shown by other countries. Why aren't we moving into renewable energy sources? Are ALL our politicians bought and paid for by big gas and oil?