Saturday, September 14, 2013

These Are the Sights and Sounds of Hydrofracking: Marcellus Shale

Published on Sep 14, 2013 Next to Homes. Hear the Noise. This is the Fracking Stage. After the months of Drilling. After this usually comes the flaring stage. Noise , traffic, dust. On a normally quiet country road in Forest Lake, Susquehanna County, PA. This is on the Gillingham property. Cabot Gas is the company involved.

Videographer Journalist: Vera Scroggins

I have witnessed this exact scene in Bradford County near my family's home in French Azilum.  This is an area which, until Big Gas arrived, was the most beautiful, pristine, bucolic place I have ever known.  In particular, the night time used to be so quiet and peaceful.  One could actually achieve a blissful state of mind.  Now it is gone.       -Carol Manuel

PS  For those who say we have to do this to survive, I offer two words:  Sustainable Energy.  We have no choice but to develop energy sources that can be sustained into the future.  Otherwise we are nothing but selfish consumers who are not thinking about the welfare of our descendents.  George W. Bush once told an interviewer when asked about his legacy, "I am not worried about that.  I'll be dead."  Let us have more vision than George Bush.  Let us use what creativity and ingenuity we possess and make a better future for our planet.   -Carol Manuel

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smurfette said...

This is a nightmare when it's across a river, which echoes everything, and the light pollution stinks!