Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gas Drilling in NE Pennsylvania: Ulster Votes To Seek a Gas Lease

Ulster, PA
Monday night, April 5th, the Ulster Township Supervisors voted to put out for bid  a lease which would allow a natural gas company to set up an operation on township property.  The land to be used for this purpose is underneath the township building, Totem Park, and the ball field.  Chesapeake Energy has shown an interest in obtaining the lease. The amount of money to be paid to the township for this lease:  $45,000.

Putting gas wells on public property near a park and a ball field is a dangerous proposition.  Ulster citizens must question this plan at public meetings.  Their lives will be permanently changed by this.

At the same meeting, money was allocated to buy 7,000 tons of gravel to perform maintenance on local roads which are badly in need of attention.  If the articles appearing in the Towanda Daily Review lately are any indication, the roads in Ulster will only get worse when the gas drilling gets into full swing.

Read the article in the Daily Review.

Ulster is in Bradford County near Sayre.

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