Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Natural Gas Drilling: A Homeowner From Dimock, PA, Speaks From the Heart

Property value....what is a home worth? Is there a price for the memories and dreams? Each window in a home frames a moment in time-a masterpiece. How much?... What is the price of clean water splashing from your faucet?.. How do you put a dollar amount on the sound of spring peepers from the back yard?.. What value is given to a view?...Wooded slopes cleared for pennies...How much does a spring bubbling crisp and clear from the Earth cost? Night sounds from the deep woods are priceless. What I would pay to hear the pair of Great Horned Owls echoing down through our valley....Springs first full moon splendid in its rightful place as the brightest object in the sky.....until the huge drilling rig on the ridge arrogantly claimed the throne...What DOES the night sky cost?

-written today by a resident of Dimock, PA, who moved there several years ago to build her dream home.

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smurfett said...

This picture looks like a place that belongs on the Las Vegas strip- not in beautiful farm country.What blinding lights!