Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cabot Energy Ordered To Plug Wells and Help Dimock, PA, Residents

The PA Department of Environmental Protection today issued a sweeping order requiring Cabot Oil & Gas Company to take extensive actions and help the residents of Dimock Township, Susquehanna County, who have been devastated by the water, soil, and air pollution caused by gas drilling.  The measures taken by DEP appear to be tough, at least in comparison with other anemic punishments that gas companies receive in general.  I hope the DEP continues to monitor and insist on complete compliance and make the fines and orders as severe as possible.  The bad part is that the original order and agreement with Cabot was done in November 2009 and was not carried out by Cabot, resulting in this further action.  Why didn't Cabot take action last fall?  For five months the problems have continued and gotten worse.  The fine of $240,000 is hardly damaging to Cabot's budget.

Click here to read the press release and the details of the order.  Perhaps there are some teeth in it.  However, many more such orders need to be given out and followed through before the public will begin to feel even remotely compensated.

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