Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PA Department of Environmental Protection Studies Air Quality

Today the PA DEP issued a statement that, in response to complaints from citizens about odors near gas wells, it will begin a study of air quality to be completed in four parts.  The agency will test for volatile organic compounds (VOC), nitrogen oxides, hydrogen oxides, and carbon monoxides.

Read the full statement here.


Anonymous said...

The natural gas industry enjoys too many exemptions and we are sure the testing you speak of doing in northwestern PA will be done according to established exemptions given to the natural gas industry...not on actual health studies from those emissions..right? Your study may make some feel safe but we know you haven't done your homework which should have come before polluters got into PA. It isn't about protecting citizens, it was all about money. Here is what PADEP should have been done before you opened the doors to out of staters who loot and pollute: A health study should have been done to see what the acute and chronic air emissions are to humans near natural gas processing activities. Those health studies should be the basis on which you would set natural gas industrial air emission guidelines for testing. Now your tests are based on assumptions and exemptions. The natural gas companies self report everything to DEP... sometimes forgetting to report critical emergency shutdowns which emit hazardous air emissions into the air, water and and soil. Citizens are the victims of crime for riches.... and may you know that your air study will not make us feel safer. Don't try to pull the wool over our eyes...we know there are no health study guidelines established near natural gas facilities and PADEP testing format will follow exemptions given to the industry for air emissions, right? This is wrong, and a waste of effort which we call a show to look good in the public eye a the expense of the taxpayers. As they say: On with the show which has no good ending.

Peacegirl said...

I agree with you completely. Thank you for your comment.