Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marcellus Shale: How To Ruin a Perfectly Good Farm (Part Two)

Ron Gulla of Hickory, PA, tells about what is happening to him as a result of signing a gas lease with Range Resources. He has become an activist and advocate for others who are also victims of the gas industry like he is. Currently in court with Range Resources, Mr. Gulla has vowed to fight for his rights to the bitter end.



Anonymous said...

The only reason this clown has the time to be a full-time "activist" (whinner) is because of the massive Range Resources royalty check he cashes every month.

Peacegirl said...

Can money bring back this man's farm? Who is paying for his legal fees? I personally think his losses far outweigh any royalty checks. Even if money was once appealing, at this point, money is less and less important.

Bit2 said...

Guess what - he has a full-time job somewhere else, *and* he got peanuts for his farm. As Peacegirl said, for him and for others there is no amount of money that will compensate for their loss of livestock and the loss of their health, especially when the gas companies shrug off their responsibility in causing the contamination of water, air and soil. Anonymous, don't talk unless you know the facts.