Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marcellus Shale: Dump Truck Crashes Near Troy, PA

A dump truck hauling residual waste from a gas well pad crashed on a road outside of Troy, PA, on Monday morning, March 8th. The driver was not hurt, thankfully. The accident occurred along a steep portion of the road coming down Armenia Mountain. The truck was traveling downhill, and was hauling residual waste away from a gas well on Sweeney Road. The waste spilled onto the ground as a result of the crash. Residual waste is non-hazardous. However, it can contain near hazardous waste. For more information about residual waste in PA, click here.

Peacegirl, this blog's moderator, has personally witnessed how these large trucks are driven in Bradford County, PA. They go extremely fast, exceeding speed limits on a regular basis on the narrow back country roads, often putting other drivers in jeopardy. She has nearly been forced into a ditch on two occasions. It is no surprise to her that a dump truck went off the road. The accidents involving vehicles being used in the gas industry will increase in numbers as more and more wells are put in. Many will involve hazardous waste. Do PennDOT and fire and rescue services have the knowledge they need to handle these mishaps? In some cases, the chemicals used in hydrofracking are not always made public.

Read the article from the Towanda Daily Review.

[The picture shows the afermath of the accident on Fallbrook Road near Troy, PA.]


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