Friday, March 26, 2010

NOW on PBS Tackles Hydrofracking Tonight

Take a few moments and listen to this well-done interview with film maker Josh Fox who won an award at Sundance Film Fesitival for his film, "Gasland."

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Anaj Najar said...

Hats off to David Brancaccio for yet another excellent interview. It is really sad to see that PBS is ending his news journal this April.

This subject is so critical and relevant. Do we drill and get short term benefits from our resources or focus only on the long terms and work towards renewable fuels? We could damage the environment or let the economy continue to suffer. However one fact is clear, the exemptions given to the drilling industry should be reviewed and the drillers be made responsible towards containing their effluents. Safe and clean water is indispensible.

In reality it may be many years before any changes to rules happen, and even if the drillers are forced to meet safe water acts, they will certainly have harmed a few lives and surely become more liable. Just the matter of a good lawyer and a decent scientist can demonstrate the harm caused to the waters. I am sure historic records of water quality existed before new drilling started and a simple bit of fact checking can prove the amount of harm that has been done. Any profits the drilling and gas companies are likely to accumulate will get swallowed up in law-suits. The take home lesson is that all progress, towards energy independence or anything else for that matter, has to be done with an honest stewardship effort.