Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News from WBNG Binghamton: Dimock's Plight Worsens

Citizens for Clean Water protested this week in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

One group is taking its contamination concerns to the streets.
Protesters are concerned about possible spills and leaks contaminating the area's water supply. They say the State of Pennsylvania needs to re-evaluate the drilling laws and make stricter regulations to protect the water. The Department of Environmental Protection says it is actively investigating possible spills in the area, and are waiting for results. Every morning, Ronald Carter and his wife wake up to the sights and sounds of a hydro-fracking site next door. He says he's concerned about contamination.
"The stuff that's leaking on the ground is the biggest concern, we don't know what's in it," says Carter.
Protesters from the Citizens for Clean Water came out to voice their fears of water contamination. They say Pennsylvania needs more safety measures put in place.
"We're protesting continual allowing of the gas drilling despite all of the pollutions and problems that we've had." says Vera Scroggins, Citizens for Clean Water.
Representatives from Cabot Gas Drilling say they've taken samples from nearby streams and haven't found any contamination. The DEP says the company has conducted some precautionary measures this week. It used a large vacuum truck, like this one seen here, to collect a grayish colored liquid discharge here on Route 29. Protesters say they if the water was really safe from hydrofracking, why would they need measures like this in place?
"What price can we put on health and the environment? We can't. It's priceless," says Rebecca Roter from Brooklyn, PA.
The DEP collected samples from the site last week. It expects to have the results later this week. It's also awaiting results from Cabot's tests as well.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, why DO they need to vacuum up the stuff? I'm glad the DEC got samples. I'm just amazed at how free of spills, contamination, and air pollution the gas drilling is- NOT!How can public health officials not be terribly concerned? Have they been bribed by the gas companies? Certainly the LOCAL public health officials must realize that they and their families are breathing the same air and drinking the same water as their neighbors who are experiencing devastating health problems. It doesn't make sense.