Friday, March 26, 2010

Bradford County, PA: Gas Drilling Truck Accident du Jour

Another serious traffic accident- no serious injuries thankfully.  A tractor trailer water tanker truck overturned on Wednesday, March 24th, in Franklin Township, Bradford County, PA.  The driver lost control of the truck on a curve in the road and suffered minor injuries,  a gash in the head, according to a resident who lives near the site of the accident, heard the crash, and went out to assist the injured driver and called 911.  The truck had "Excalibur Energy Service, Inc." on its side.  Excalibur is a Delaware corporation located in Dallas, Texas.  Another accident involving a gas drilling vehicle.

Two local residents have written to the Editor of the Towanda Daily Review, commenting on the seemingly troubling rise in the number of accidents and poor driving practices of drilling trucks:

"I don't want you to stop covering these accident stories. So please don't get me wrong. But you are starting to frighten some of us out here. There seems to be a major truck accident every day. And people are dying in some cases. This is not why I always have loved living in Bradford County. At the very least, this kind of thing is going to drive up all of our auto insurance rates. Has anyone out there even considered that maybe this is not a good or desirable thing to have going on? Personally, I think this is madness."
"I'll tell you why he lost control: because he was going too damn fast, that's why. Doesn't take a genious or "accident scene reconstruction specialist" to figure that out. TO THE FOLKS WORKING FOR THE GAS COMPANIES AND DRIVING THESE BIG TANKERS AND RIGS AND TRAVELING OUR ROADS: PLEASE SLOW DOWN BEFORE YOU CAUSE AN ACCIDENT AND KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE!"
Will the gas drilling companies be able to hire drivers who will observe speed limits and weight limit signs?  Or do the paltry fines and no serious consequences make it possible for them to ignore the problem?

Read the article article in the Towanda Daily Review (3/25/2010) by James Loewenstein, staff writer.


Anonymous said...

Yes, those trucks barrel down these little country roads like there is no tomorrow. With the narrow width of some of the roads, there is no room for error. Unfortunately, human error exists. Therefore, the obvious solution would be to have the trucks slow down, especially on the skinniest roads.Otherwise, I agree that there will be innocent people hurt and killed for no other reason than the gas trucks are, for whatever reason, in too much of a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Yes I dont like the trucks going so fast. There was another accident this morning. I wish they would slow down. We as residents especially now have to drive more careful and concentrate on the roads. I see so many people texting and talking on the phone. Everybody keep your eyes on the road especially now!!

Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea if they put limits on how fast the gas trucks can go or put tracking devices in them or evern 1 800 hows my driving signs on the back of the trucks! Lets try to make it safer up here. We cant stop this because our country is getting more energy hungry but we can always try to keep making it safer

Anonymous said...

If most of you would check into what your stating about the truck drivers most are from PA so they should know better. I agree they should be more careful but you people drive like nuts passing in no passing zones and just pulling out in front of everyone but i have seen people pull out in from of the big trucks more than once so everyone should not just the gas people need to be careful.

Peacegirl said...

I haven't checked for specific numbers on local vs. out-of-town truck drivers. However, there is some truth in your comment. I see ads for truck drivers in the local papers a lot. The rig teams are usually from Texas, Oklahoma, etc. One of the problems is that the drivers get paid per truck load. So they might be inclined to drive faster than they should. And the roads are not suitable for those huge vehicles. They can't maneuver on a dime to say the least. I agree that some local car and truck drivers in that area drive like bats out of hell. Perhaps they are young and think they will live forever. This complicates things, too. So I would agree that everyone needs to be more careful on the roads. Even so, my personal experience has been frightening. I have nearly been driven into a ditch. Once I saw a gas truck coming from behind, and luckily I pulled off to let it pass. I am afraid of them. One thing is clear: if you are involved in an accident with one of these behemoths, you will probably come out on the losing end no matter whose fault it is.

Anonymous said...

well for your information these drivers are NOT paid by the load almost every Gas industry related employee is paid BY THE HOUR and they have no reason to hurry, this is agreed BUT we all need to stop pointing fingers and look at the General pubilc driving today their IDIOTS they purposly pull out in front of large trucks and even other cars and pickups just to be ahead, ARE WE IN THIS MUCH OF A HURRY its not just the gas industry but their new to the area so we will BLAME THEM !!!!! Oh and by the way 95% of these gas industry vehicles DO HAVE GPS TRACKING DEVICES ON THEM I for one as a locak dumptruck owner /operator was forced to install one in my truck so dont think they dont use them because they do