Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gas Company Investigating Contaminated Water Well in PA

Uploaded by veraduerga on Mar 23, 2012

Taped 3-22-12. WPX evaluating the well structure and think this is the problem why it is erupting. Faulty well structure. I ask them to focus on isotopic testing of the water and see where this methane is coming from! Gets a bit heated....

More details here and here and here.

After watching this exchange between Vera and the gas company reps, I have to think that, although they are trying to appear calm and respectful, they don't really know what to do.  They want to give the appearance of doing all they can to be "good neighbors,"  even though they imply that this is not a problem THEY created, but rather a problem with the well.  Even so, they say they are offering to pay for repairs.  Of course, we know that other people who live nearby are also having well water problems.  So are all these wells going bad at the same time?

It appears that this gas company is grasping at straws, and the homeowner is getting a little (or a lot) of run-around. 

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