Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rolling Stone Responds to Chesapeake Energy on "The Fracking Bubble"

If you have read the MUST READ article in the current issue of Rolling Stone,  you will be interested in this:

Specific points addressed by Chesapeake:
  • The "reality" of 100 years of shale gas
  • The credibility of Arthur Berman
  • Chesapeake's convoluted off-book accounting practices
  • The economic benefits of cheap natural gas
  • The credibility of Gasland
  • Fugitive methane emissions
  • The cerdibility of Deborah Rogers
  • Bias in the Duke study
  • Methane levels in the Vargson well
  • Consequences of Chesapeake's well blow-out in Bradford County
  • Fracking fluid disclosure

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