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Trailer Court Sold; Residents Evicted (Jersey Shore, PA)

Young families and elderly residents alike are being evicted. They were given a few weeks to get out. They all need help.

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A video by Scott Cannon
Riverdale Mobile Home Village, Jersey Shore, PA
Residents of an area mobile home park have been given a bit more time to move to make way for a proposed water withdrawal facility in Piatt Township.

Bryn Mawr-based Aqua PVR LLC has decided it will give most residents of Riverdale Mobile Home Village until June 1 to move, according to Donna P. Alston, director of communication for Aqua America, Aqua PVR's parent company.

The company plans to build a pump station on the site it recently purchased, withdraw up to 3 million gallons of water per day from the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and pipe the water to natural gas drilling sites north of the township.

It originally wanted all 37 units in the park moved out by May 1 so work could begin on the project.

The company offered a financial incentive for park residents.

Originally, residents who moved by April 1 would be given $2,500. Those who moved by May 1 would receive $1,500.

Some residents of the park protested that the former deadline did not give them enough time to move.

Others said they could not afford to move or could not find a mobile home park that would take their mobile homes, many of which are older models and do not meet park or local code standards.

"We revisited the site plan for the project and figured out a way to displace fewer people initially than before," Alston said, adding, "The park will eventually need to be (completely) vacated to accommodate the project."

Alston said when work on the project begins in May, only two to four lots at the park will be impacted. One of those lots already is vacant, she said.

The financial incentive offer to residents also has been revised, Alston said.

Now, residents will receive $2,500 as long as they are out of the park by June 1, Alston said.

"We're trying to minimize the disruption and provide some assistance where we can," she said. "For some, it may not be enough. Along with the additional time, hopefully, it will make a difference for everybody."

Park resident Marshall Flanigan said the new offer will help some, but not all, residents at the park.

"It's not a 100-percent cure-all, but it helps the bleeding," he said.

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