Monday, April 2, 2012

Natural Gas Drilling: Flaring Within Feet of a House

Taped 4-1-12. Flaring at night Holbrook Well. Susquehanna County, Bridgewater Township. Near homes. Can be heard about a mile away. Goes for about a week per well. One well here. Lessens pressure and removes impurities.

Video by Vera.

Toward the end of the video, Vera pans to the right to reveal a house which is very, very close to the flare. How can the inhabitants of this house live through this process?


smurfette said...

Good question! I'd be very interested in knowing what is in the air around there. However, it may be expensive and I think we could predict that there are toxins present. So, it would be an exercise in futility for those folks. It could be important information for people living near wells. For example, if the flaring produces toxins which dissipate after flaring is done, the families could plan to stay elsewhere for that week. God bless Vera, the intrepid video gatherer!

Rachel said...

Oh my, this is totally awful! In fact, I think it should be completely against the law!

I can't believe we let these companies do as they please, contaminating our soil, water and god knows what else...

Thank you for this video, I will make sure to spread the 'noise' to everyone I know.