Monday, April 9, 2012

Shale Country Kindness: Life In the Gas Patch

When an invasive, greedy, and oblivious-to-human-pain industry rides roughshod over people everywhere,  friends and neighbors from near and far get together to help.  That is what is happening in Butler County, PA.  We generally assume that life in America includes such things as getting a drink of water from the kitchen faucet, taking a shower at home, and not having to buy clean water to drink and cook with.  But not everyone enjoys those things anymore.  Iris Bloom's article gives us a glimpse of what is going on in a place called The Woodlands, Connoquenessing Township, in Butler County, PA:

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This is what happened to the McIntyre family.

Marcellus Outreach Butler  An organization seeking to help people in Butler County whose health and safety is affected by slick water, high-volume hydrofracking.

Butler County featured in the news today in the Kuwait Times!  The whole world is watching!

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