Saturday, August 13, 2011

Natural Gas Drilling: It's Horrible What They Do (frack parody)

Another frack parody for Catskill Citizens This time it's a parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful".

Here are the lyrics:

my life was brilliant
now it's a joke
turn on my faucet
and then I choke

the gas that their drilling for
is probably killing me
they can filter it all night but it still won't be clean

it's horrible
it's horrible
it's horrible what they do
it just ain't right when your water ignites
and it smells repulsive too
would you care if it were you

well it comes out brown
and makes a hissing sound
and it kills all the grass whenever it hits the ground
and they're so good at passing the blame
to them life and death are just part of the game

it's horrible
it's horrible
it's horrible what they do
begging on your knees
but you signed that lease
so there's nothing you can do
and here's what they think of you

la la la
la la la
la la la loser

it's horrible
it's horrible
it's horrible what they do

everyone at Haliburton should be ashamed of themselves
they only care about money they don't care about you
But it's time to face the truth,
cause they're coming next for you.

A huge thank you to Josh Fox and everyone who had anything to do with Gasland the Movie or supporting the cause!!

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smurfette said...

That's such a strong ending, "And it's time to face the truth, 'Cause they're coming next for you." The basic message is, by not acknowledging the truth, our family is condoning what the gas companies have done to these peoples' lives. If we sign a lease, we are more than that- we are accomplices of the gas companies and do not care about any of the people they hurt. Mom and Dad were right- it is a despicable act to sign up with these companies.We don't have a history of heartlessness in our family, but we may yet leave a LEGACY of heartlessness, of which our ancestors would be ashamed.