Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laurel Lake Creek Pipeline Drilling Resumes (Susquehanna County, PA)

Salt Spring State Park
Laurel Lake Creek flows into Silver Creek which flows through this park.
[Photo: Gary Li]
It's a go for Laser Northeast Gathering Company!  They can now resume their installation of the 33-mile natural gas pipeline.  They had a little glitch- three "inadvertent returns" of drilling mud- this month, but now everything is back to drill, baby, drill normal.  The pipeline has to go under Laurel Lake Creek, a stream designated as an exceptional value waterway.  However, in eleven days, there were three accidents involving mud mixed with bentonite surging up into the pristine creek and making an utter mess.  The PA DEP is saying that there will be no lasting damage, no effect on aquatic creatures.  They say that most of the spilled material was recovered.  Think about this:  You pour gallons and gallons of mud into a creek.  How do you know you got most of it up?  And how do you really know how much mud actually did come up out of the ground and into that water? 

Laser CEO Thomas Karam met with DEP Secretary Michael Krancer in Harrisburg Monday and got the go-ahead to proceed with the pipeline project. They re-started drilling on Tuesday.  They are going to use a smaller drill to try and "intercept the existing pilot bore."  Laser already constructed a flume at the site to divert the water around the bore.  See video.

No fines have been levied thus far. 

Comment regarding the mud return from Susquehanna River Watch: LINK


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