Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Looking For Gas in All the Wrong Places

Andes, NY
Andes, NY, Delaware County, was the location of an important meeting last Friday. One hundred and sixty residents met in the school gym to hear a presentation on hydraulic fracturing and to share views on the impact of fracking should it come to town.  Read Stanley Fish's piece from the NYT here. You'll be heartened.

The day before this meeting an article appeared in the New York Post, entitled "Why Andes is worth a peek."  This is worth reading!  See what a gem this little town is.  So many treasures to be preserved, protected, and shared.

The overwhelming feeling after the town meeting Friday was that fracking does not fit in to the value and beauty of Andes.  Will the people prevail and ban hydrofracking?  I hope so.  If Andes stays strong and resists this destructive industry- the natural gas industry-,  not only will it dodge this lethal bullet, but it will also inspire others to do the same.

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