Friday, October 15, 2010

Waterfall Removal (West Virginia)

Chesapeake Energy advertises that they are "A Champion of Natural Beauty."  Now watch as their white pickup trucks drive down this "road" which used to be a beautiful stream and waterfall.
  What is wrong with this picture?

The source of this video wrote:
"Several waterfalls were removed from Blake Run to make a gas development road in Blake Run. The pictured waterfall is at 39°42'17.3" North and 80°41'21.3" West, datum NAD83. The video shows the company's advertisement followed by before and after pictures and company traffic on Blake Run."



smurfette said...

Does Chesapeake need permission to demolish a stream and waterfall? What do they plan next? Changing the course of a river? No, that's been done before and it caused so many problems that they had to change it back. Nature does not liked to be messed with in big ways. I hope that poor, demolished stream creates havoc and makes huge mudholes for them to deal with. Chesapeake doesn't care about nature OR people. They actually despise nature because they are forced to work around it sometimes, which costs them money.

Anonymous said...

Do they think that if all the trucks are white then no one can count how many are tearing up the place? If they are all white, one can never identify which one is responsible for the spills.

Donald John Williams said...

Peacegirl: A simply outstanding series of recent posts. You've raised the bar. Kudos!