Thursday, October 14, 2010

Natural Gas Truck Spills Chemicals in Hughesville, PA

HUGHESVILLE - A truck carrying chemicals from a natural gas drilling site spilled a friction-reducing fluid along Routes 118 and 220 Friday afternoon, in Lycoming County forcing police to close sections of roadway for cleanup. The spill posed no environmental hazard, but crews were worried about the safety of the roadway as it was very slippery. PennDOT and police kept the road closed while crews figured out how to remove the mess.

Jim Diehl (WGRC)

My question:  Why hasn't this incident which occurred on October the 8th been reported in the Towanda Daily Review or the Rocket-Courier?  

In memory of The Rev. Robert F. Shippee
He opposed the gas drilling industry to his dying day.

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smurfette said...

Hey, all it was was a FRICTION-REDUCING FLUID! NO PROBLEM with all the hazardous waste trucks zooming through the area.I don't think they need to cover that story unless there are people at risk- hey! wait...