Saturday, October 2, 2010

R.I.P. Robert Shippee: He opposed natural gas drilling.

The Rev. Robert Shippee with his wife Ruth Betty and great grandson Alex
July 2010
Robert Shippee was a veteran of World War II, a retired United Methodist minister, father of six children, grandfather of 12 , great grandfather of 9, peace advocate, and he loved the Earth.  He hated what natural gas drilling was doing to Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Texas, and other areas of our country.  He once resided in Niagara Falls, NY, during the Love Canal disaster in the late 70's.  He welcomed Lois Gibbs to his church in Niagara Falls and made it possible for her to hold her meetings there.  He joined the fight against Hooker Chemical which had caused the Love Canal pollution. In the last few years, his heart grieved for Pennsylvania.  His family has a summer home in French Azilum, Bradford County, PA.  He loved that place on the Susquehanna River.  He loved to fish there. But he knew that Pennsylvania is being destroyed one gas well at a time.  He would say to me, "The gas industry must be stopped!"  He died of a stroke on September 29, 2010, at the age of 87.  Rest in peace, Dad.  We'll keep fighting.

In memory of Robert Shippee
He cared about people and the Earth.


smurfette said...

Oh, Carol, that rings so true! I am, in a way, glad that he did not see the bright lights of the gas rig across the way that is there now, making it hard to see the stars at Camp. The stars used to be clear and bright and there was much music there, which Dad loved too. He said several times to several different people that, when the piano was destroyed and the singing became less and less frequent, that part of Camp died for him. I realize that time marches on and things change, but the gathering together in the living room and singing, as far as I know, only happens in the Shippee house now. In that regard, the Shippee house has become Camp for me. I know that Dad really cherished these "family sings".We will miss him forever. I'll never forget that little service he conducted for Bonnie this year in the sunroom. That prayer will forever be engraved on my heart. I know that Grandaddy and Grandma Ruth and Bonnie gave him a glorious welcome to heaven, filled with the music he so loved.

TXsharon said...

What a beautiful tribute and what a powerful role model your father was. It's now wonder you are who you are.

Sara Tinkelman said...

Laura is so right. When that poor old piano gave up the ghost the family singing just ground to a halt, and with it, family prayer. After Great-Grandma's death (and after Camp was overrun with Boomer Brats) Evening Vespers evaporated...then hymn sings. It moves me (though it hardly surprises me) to know that your Dad loved that part of Camp's life so much and was grieved when it disappeared. He was so steady, your Dad, so quietly generous with his time and energy whenever someone needed him. We were all lucky to have been part of his life. I miss him.