Friday, October 15, 2010

Natural Gas Industry: Speeding and Pollution on Country Roads in West VA

Several individuals reported speeding and dangerous driving by a brine hauler called Carpers. Reported behavior to Chesapeake on June 30, 2010, July 3 and July 6. This video was taken on July 9. Residents have had to keep their windows shut because of pollution similar to this. This convoy hit 45 MPH + on sections of Route 89 posted for 35 MPH.

This video was taken in West Virginia.  Notice the vehicle that is almost run off the road by these two trucks.  Look at the pollution spewing from these trucks.  Watch them take sharp corners at unsafe speeds.

Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers,  be very scared.  This happens ANYWHERE there is gas drilling.  I have experienced dangerous conditions on the roads of PA firsthand, compliments of the gas drilling industry.  I have read about fatal and near-fatal accidents involving gas drilling vehicles.  This is a daily reality for local people wherever gas drilling is in progress.

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smurfette said...

Boy! I'd hate to meet those two on the Frenchtown road. It's a very slim road and there are big ditches on either side. Do you think they will fill in the ditches and widen the road? The road to their new pipe project (Rod and Gun club road) is skinny too.What a horror show for a few more years of gas!