Friday, June 18, 2010

Marcellus Shale: Pipelines Are Next, Eminent Domain On the Table

Photo credit: Carol Manuel

Pipelines like this one in Asylum Township, Bradford County, are being installed in many places, and the gas industry may, in fact, be able to rely on eminent domain to access right-of-way.  The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) is considering at least one application from a gas pipeline company seeking public utility status. Laser Marcellus Gathering Company, LLC, hopes to obtain a certificate of public convenience from the PUC "to operate as an intrastate natural gas pipeline providing gathering and transportation services to unaffiliated producers."  Under consideration is a 30-mile long pipeline to connect gas wells in western Susquehanna County and the Southern Tier of New York to the Millenium Pipeline at a location in Broome County, NY.  Future projects may include additional delivery points to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline and the Stagecoach Natural Gas Storage Facility in PA.  Property owners may be forced against their will to surrender right-of-way via emminent domain.  Hearings at the PUC are to take place in July.

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jsm9437 said...

Do you drive a petroleum powered vehicle? Do you use gas to cook on? How do you keep warm in your cozy retreat home of yours? or your regular home? Electric you say? Where do you think electricity comes from? Let me guess...."I don't mind if they run the pipeline, just not in my back yard"....What about roads? you ever thought about how much nature the construction of roads have disturbed? do you drive on roads? do you live on a road?...Train tracks? Air ports? shopping mall? grocery stores? one point in time they were all beautiful nature.....please be careful when you protest against something. you or someone you know may be depending on it.

Just Nutz! said...

do you buy property thinking its value will be destroyed by big companies flexing their muscles and just taking it from you? i pay taxes for the roads i drive on, i pay a lot of money for the gasoline i put in my fuel efficent car, i pay an electric bill (soon to go up because the cap is coming off), so don't tell me i now have to surrender my land to big companies. capitalism is flawed!!! not only that, fracking is destroying the water supply, so i get to surrender my land only to let them destroy my water. no thanks!