Saturday, June 19, 2010

Marcellus Shale: Another Gas-related Accident in Tioga County,PA

Tioga County, PA
Two men were flown by medical helicopter to Guthrie Medical Center on June 18th with injuries suffered when a pressurized pipe burst as they were connecting it at a drilling site in Galeton.  This site is located on Lick Run Road. Cindy Kalbach lives nearby on Elk Run Road and heard the sirens coming up her street.  She was understandably very concerned, wondering what was happening, and worried about her property if, for example, there was a fire.  She said the gas company Ultra Resources, Inc., did not answer calls on its emergency lines.  She cited the constant lack of communication and unwillingness to help neighbors know what to expect.  Ironically she says that she was approached by Ultra a week ago about signing a gas lease. That is one thing that will never happen, she said.  Watch the video of Cindy speaking. Personal stories tell it best. Ms. Kalbach says the peaceful, tranquil life she once had has been taken away.  Quiet, fresh air- all gone.  She is left with a scratchy voice from the dust and exhaust fumes.

The environmental manager of safety operations from Ultra, a Houston-based gas drilling company, would not specify what type of accident occurred at the well site, nor would he divulge the extent of the injuries suffered by the two men.

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Anonymous said...

If Ms. Kalbach doesn't like it on Elk Run road...she's free to leave and move back to where ever it is she came from. People who grew up around the area feel that it's people like her that really took away our peace and quiet. The gas well related workers are just trying to do their job and make a living just like everyone else. If you want to "blame" someone, blame the ones who signed on the dotted line and leased their property. These men are certainly not wishing for accidents to happen...and obviously that is what it was...and accident. Two men were seriously hurt and did Ms. Kalbach have any care or concern for them...NO!

Anonymous said...

fearmongers ---- NYS needs to PASS GAS NOW!! We will take all you fantasy problems and the jobs and riches which come with natural gas development...... SEND THEM ALL TO NY we will welcome gas drilling with OPEN ARMS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that every bussiness has its good points and bad but it seems like people only complain when the gas prices are lower and they can drive there big SUV around .We can stop drilling and support the terroist counties!!The more we buy from them the closer they are to another 911.All you eviromentist need to figure out the answer to the USA energy problem and then the drilling will slow down..Now thats a challenge.

Anonymous said...

She should move to Florida and take an oil bath.
I don't see natual gas fouling up ou rland and envirnoment like oil.