Friday, June 4, 2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward: "I want my life back."

Poor Mr. Hayward!  His life has been so stressful since his gas company suffered that terrible oil spill.  He wants his life to get back to normal.  Will the people along the Gulf Coast ever get their lives back to normal?  Not likely.  And they don't have a CEO's bank account to fall back on, do they?  BP must pay ALL the damages, including the lost careers of fishermen and others who now have no jobs, no income, and no hope for recovery anytime soon if ever.  Some of these desperate people are working for BP to help clean up the oil.  They are working for $5 an hour (under a special legal arrangement), and they are getting sick from the chemicals.  They had to sign an agreement that they would not talk to reporters.  And when they are taken to the hospital, BP confiscates their clothes.  Might there be some damning evidence on those clothes that BP doesn't want anyone to find out about?  All this was reported on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! program aired June 2nd.

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