Monday, August 24, 2009

Wrongful Death: Gas Drillers Pose Serious Danger On Our Roads

I just got back from a trip to Bradford County, PA. I'm glad I am still in one piece and my car is okay. The gas drilling truck traffic is horrendous. And, on the country roads where I was, you just have to pray when a truck approaches. There is nowhere to go except to pull over as far as possible and hope you don't end up in the ditch. These trucks go very fast. And they are tearing up little country roads. The potholes are huge. The pavement is broken up into little pieces in many places.

Last September (2008), a woman from Cleburne, TX, was not so lucky. She was killed when two pieces of oil field equipment fell off a truck and crushed the driver's side of her Ford Explorer. The truck driver reportedly had numerous driving infractions on his record. He had several tickets, a suspended license, and was not qualified to be driving the tractor-trailer.

When gas drilling comes to your neighborhood, watch out. Prepare to be scared. It's a terrible feeling.

Read the article from the Cleburne Times-Review (07/08/2009) here.



used bucket trucks said...

We all need to step back and see what we are doing to the environment. Something needs to be done, and we can all say something about it.

Peacegirl said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Well said.