Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Dirty Secret Caught On Video: Watch This

Above is official video from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. It reveals fugitive emissions from several Barnett Shale gas well sites.

This is what Dr. Theo Colborn wrote in response to this video:

The tanks you see in this picture can be found across the gas fields in the US. They look harmless as you drive by just like the other stationary equipment you see on well pads. Without an infrared camera, as in this case, that picks up the plume of the highly active volatile chemicals escaping from the tanks, no one would suspect that the tanks could possibly pose a public health problem. As natural gas extraction continues to increase, federal, state, and local public health authorities and regulatory agencies are unprepared to deal with the problem.

Theo Colborn, PhD
President, TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange)
PO Box 1407
Paonia, CO 81428
direct:970-527-6548 office:970-527-4082

Don Young of FWCanDO (Fort Worth) wrote:
"The thermal imaging demonstrated in this video is proof that you and your family, your pets and wildlife are breathing this new source of smog - 200 tons per day, on average, in the Metroplex - because an unscrupulous industry exploits a loophole in the federal Clean Air Act."

For more information, click here. Thanks to Texas Sharon for her fine work in the great State of Texas!


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