Saturday, January 12, 2013

Marcellus Shale: Citizen Craig Stevens Speaks To Local Government Officials

Listen to Craig Stevens of Susquehanna County, PA, as he speaks truth to power at a Planning Commissioner's meeting January 9th. He cites possible illegal votes in connection with a compressor station. Look at the officials as they "listen." They show no emotion except boredom and concern for time. It is as if Mr. Stevens is hardly there or as if they cannot hear what he is saying. Very infuriating in my opinion. This is what is happening all over the country it seems. Local people, who stand to lose everything that makes their life liveable, are treated as if they don't matter. This was a civil encounter, that is, no fur flying, no disrespectful or insulting exchanges, but the lack of concern and the disinterest which these officials display here is really unacceptable.

The videographer Vera Scroggins explains what is happening in the video:

"Craig Stevens speaks powerfully about what happened at the previous night's Planning Commission Special Meeting in Montrose, Pa.. See how our Commissioners act and listen and are not protecting us. Who are they representing?"

Craig Stevens came to Albany January 9th and spoke to the anti-fracking crowd who were there for an action in connection with Governor Cuomo's State of the State address in which he did not even mention gas drilling.  Thank you, Craig Stevens, for taking the time to come to New York to try to let people know what we have in store if the Governor gives the go-ahead on gas drilling permits next month.  Please let us listen to Craig and ban fracking in New York state at least until the reports are completed on health impacts.

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