Wednesday, January 25, 2012

President's Speech Misses Mark in Addressing Concerns Over Fracking

The President Gives the State of the Union Speech January 24th
Environmental Working Group weighs in on the president's State of the Union Speech.  Read the article here.


smurfette said...

OK, so the gas companies release the secret recipe for the toxic drilling cocktail. Then, what? NOTHING? If there are known carcinogens in the mix, still NOTHING? If there are radioactive byproducts in the waste, still NOTHING? I am so tired of giant companies bulldozing over everyday peoples' lives as if their daily needs and the health of their children mean absolutely nothing that I could SCREAM!

Peacegirl said...

President Obama does not understand enough about unconventional natural gas drilling. And he made an erroneous claim that we have 100 years of natural gas reserves. Even his own energy people just came out with a study this month correcting past estimates and cutting the numbers in half. Why didn't Obama's people tell him before he gave his SOTU? Now he should be embarrassed. And pro-drilling people will take his words and run with them. It is sad.