Saturday, January 7, 2012

EPA To Dimock Residents: Water Is On the Way- NOT!

This weekend Dimock residents were under the impression that the EPA planned to deliver emergency water to them.  But the decision was reversed, and the reason is unclear.  The affected families literally have no water with which to cook, bathe, wash clothes, and flush toilets.  This is just wrong.
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smurfette said...

This is absolutely unconscionable! It had to have been pressure on the DEP from the gas companies to further punish these people, who have already lost so much due to fracking. Whether it was out-and-out bribes or more subtle ways of "persuading", that's the only answer I can think of which would make sense. The gas companies, at this point, seem no longer that worried about bad press or lawsuits, so pursuing the almighty dollar and knocking down anyone or anything which stands in their way is the only thing left. Oh, and after they knock them down, they may just stomp them into the dirt until they die or run away.I'm not talking about average gas workers- I'm talking about the bigwigs of the companies- the guys that are at the top and earning the most money.

Peacegirl said...

It is so unfair. Unconscionable is a better word, as you say. There is a gas drilling diaspora growing in this country- refugees fleeing their homes because it is too dangerous to their health to remain on their properties. Gas drilling is destroying the very lives of the American people. We are just collateral damage.