Friday, January 27, 2012

Bradford County Man Dies After Fracking Operations Started Nearby

Here is the story of Carl Stiles who died this week from illness very likely caused by gas drilling contamination.

Judy and Carl Stiles lived in the Sugar Run Area of Bradford County.  Carl's death came very swiftly. He and Judy moved to the area in November of 2010.  In January of 2011 Chesapeake Energy knocked on their door and offered a lease and promised that they would not have a well, but would make a lot of money from a pipeline.  They signed.  Now Judy is very sick and Carl is dead from cancer.

Rest in Peace, Carl

by Dory Hippauf on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 3:50pm
Fracktivist Carl Stiles, of Bradford County, PA, died last night, after living with illnesses caused by shale gas drilling. Mr. Stiles was forced to move away from his Bradford County home as an environmental refugee.
Carl Stiles had intestinal cancer which he blamed on Chesapeake’s gas drilling. He and his wife abandoned their home last November at the urging of a toxicologist who found barium, arsenic, and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in Carl’s blood. Strontium, uranium and radium were found in their water. They’ve been told to expect to get leukemia within two years.
Call the White House NOWask Obama how many more have to die before the corporate greed is satisfied
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Alma Hasse said...

My heart goes out to Carl's family. May they have peace and find health and eventual happiness now that they have escaped their toxin filled home.

I can tell you that while I have never met his widow, Judy, I felt compelled to call her this morning and offer my condolences. Through her tears and overwhelming grief, she was offering ME critical information as to what had happened, how the family had been stricken, including her 23 year old pregnant daughter (who is now having seizures)and telling me about a lady in Texas-- Chris Mobaldo-- who had exhibited the SAME symptoms that she and Carl were experiencing. She also informed me that Chris had also passed away due to her gas patch inflicted illness.

I wish I would have had the opportunity to have met Carl. However, I do plan on making the trip from Idaho to PA to meet Judy and the other fearless fracktivists who are blazing the path for the rest of us who (so far) have dodged the fracking bullet. Your stories have inspired us, made us stand courageously and confront our elected officials, and begin in earnest the daunting task of educating EVERYBODY that will listen!

With that said, I am certain that Carl will be afforded a very special resting place. After all, when people are so special and care so deeply about OTHERS that they continue to try to help OTHERS even while they themselves are racked with pain-- they will be rewarded.

Judy, if you happen to read this-- you are an incredibly special person. I am very much looking forward to meeting you, and thank you for sharing Carl with the rest of us who so direly needed your help.

Alma Hasse
Fruitland, Idaho

Anonymous said...

My condolences to Judy Armstrong Stiles and all of Carl's friends and family.

Thank you for sharing your story. I firmly believe that your willingness to go public with your experience will play a large part in ending this fracking madness.


Amy Bersett

Anonymous said...

We need to keep writing in and calling everyone in government to Ban Hydrofracking immediately. Europe is in the process of baning hydrofracking. France and South Africa have an outright ban on hydrofracking. Hydrofracking is unintentional? murder.

Peacegirl said...

Bulgaria has banned hydrofracking, too. Unintentional murder? Yes, a question mark is warranted. Collateral damage- it is acceptable to some.

Susan Stiles Sell said...

I am Carls sister, Sue(Stiles) Sell and thank you all for ur kind words. He will b truly missed. He was such a great guy for all the right reasons. His legacy will live on for i have taken over his activist duties as best i can. I will not stop til someone listens. Its time they take responsibility for what theyve done.