Monday, September 6, 2010

Towanda Creek in Monroeton, PA, Is Looking Shallow

Don Williams standing in Towanda Creek
Photo Credit: The Susquehanna River Sentinel

Does this water look like it's five feet deep?

This from The Susquehanna River Sentinel:

According to the USGS website - that's how deep the water is right where I'm standing. Click here  for back-up. The USGS has been contacted about this and has done nothing. The SRBC is allowing water to be taken from this stream based upon totally erroneous data. Does anyone have a clue? Does anyone care?

Who is taking water from this creek?  The gas drilling industry.  Will the water taken ever be useable for any purpose again?  Most of it won't, and it will never return to the hydrologic cycle.

In memory of Karen Korell

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