Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marcellus Shale: Stream Relocation in Wyoming County, PA

Chief Oil and Gas spokesperson tells Wyoming County residents about the wonders of natural gas drilling.  Notice the poster:  A Clean Source of Energy!  They're kidding, of course.

Wow!  Look what's going on in Wyoming County, PA!  They're getting their bridges ready for those gigantic gas drilling-related trucks.  And what's this?  RELOCATING A STREAM??????  Say what?  And one more thing:  What is a "temporary" wetland impact? Sounds strange to me. Can any impact be truly temporary for sure?

From today's PA DEP update:

Authorization ID: 832039

Permit number: E66-147


Client: PA DOT ENG DIST 4 0

Authorization type: Water Obstruction & Encroachment Pmt

Application type: New

Authorization is for: FACILITY

Date received: 03/26/2010

Status: Pending

Sub-Facilities for Authorization

Sub-Facility ID Sub-Facility Name Description eMap PA Location

1019098 0.05 AC WETL IMPACT Wetland Impact
1019099 0.22 AC TEMP WETL IMPACT Temporary Wetland Impact 

1012702 SR 0029 SEG 0050 OFF 0000 - EXISTING BRIDGE Bridge 

1012701 SR 0029 SEG 0050 OFF 0000 - PROPOSED BRIDGE Bridge

1012797 SR 0029 STREAM RELOCATION Stream Relocation

The late Splashdown blogger would end every post with this:

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