Friday, August 27, 2010

Natural Gas Drilling: A Little Leak in PA

A local observer reports: "This is on PA Route 29 about a half mile south of the village in Dimock, PA. The waste pit liner at Cabot's Hibbard site had a leak in the liner, and the waste made it's way down to Route 29. The leak was discovered in the early spring and is still being cleaned up. What ever comes down the hill from where the pit was (up the hill behind the house) gets pumped in a waste truck and hauled away. This is what I saw on Monday. I went by on Tuesday, and the hose was repaired."

This incident is more than likely way below the radar screen. But it is so typical of the things that happen in the gas drilling process. I was at this very spot a while back and saw this machine and the hoses. It looked to me like there was a drainage ditch right there by the driveway. So the fluids leaking, spurting, out of this hose were going somewhere where they shouldn't be going. Will people or animals be hurt?

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