Saturday, August 7, 2010

Church Steeple Fire Caused By Lightening: French Azilum. PA

My beloved "Little White Church" suffered a fire on Thursday, July 29, in the early morning hours.  A resident of French Azilum was walking his dog when he noticed the flames and called in the alarm.  Thank heaven for that!  Only the steeple, which had been replaced only a few years ago, was destroyed.  My family has worshipped in this church every summer ever since 1930 when my greatgrandparents bought land there.

This beautiful place we call Frenchtown is destined to be a sacrifice zone in the very near future.  Chesapeake Energy has leased almost every inch of the place, except for our 11 acres which they will never get their hands on it if I have anything to say about it.

The beautiful young lady interviewed at the end of this report is my cousin Margaret.  She had planned on having the memorial service for her mother (who died last month ) at the "Little White Church," as we have done for so many of our family for decades.  Many of our forebears are buried in the cemetery which is located next to the church.


Peacegirl said...

At the end of this report, my cousins Margaret Wells and Richard Weber are seen being interviewed by a reporter. I don't think a television crew has ever been to our family camp in all the 80 years we have been there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting this. And I love your photo of the Susquehanna River on your blog page. It brings back peaceful memories.
Sis Mary