Sunday, August 15, 2010

Methane Found In Well Water In Monroe Twp, Bradford County, PA

Photo credit: James Loewenstein, The Towanda Daily Review

A Monroe Township resident stands on her lawn in front of a water tank, known as a water buffalo, which contains water trucked in from the Towanda Municipal Authority.  Chesapeake Energy is supplying this water after methane was found in her water well last week, although Chesapeake does not take any responsibility for having caused the water contamination. They are just trying to be "good neighbors." The pipe in the picture is a vent to help dissipate methane from her well, hopefully preventing an explosion.

Who would want to live with this vent pipe right next to your house?  How tranquil can you feel, knowing that an explosive gas is moving around in the ground under your feet and you know not where or in what concentration?  The people who live around natural gas wells are having to live like this right now as we speak. And how many wells need to become contaminated in Bradford County, PA, or in Dimock, Susquehanna County, PA, or anywhere else for that matter, before we put a stop to gas drilling?   Stop the drilling for now, and don't resume unless it can be deemed safe for human beings, animals, and plants.  And don't forget the environment! 

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Anonymous said...

My friend and I are here in Bradford county visiting his family. We live in California. Everywhere we go we are seeing more and learning more about the Natural Gas wells and the impact it is having on this community. We want to stay in touch and maybe get information to share with people in California. My friends name is Harry Pruyne and his email is He can also be reached by phone at 607 972 4548. Thanks so much for what you are doing. Look forward to hearing from you.

Peacegirl said...

Dear Friends from California,
I appreciate your message very much. Thanks for visiting my blog. Visit often! I will be more than happy to keep in touch about the gas drilling in Bradford County, PA. If, through you, I can help spread the word in CA, that would be great. This affects us all.