Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glenn Williams and Candace Mingins: Stories From the Front Line

At a recent meeting held at Broome Community College (NY), several speakers gave their testimony about the effects of gas drilling on public health and family economic stability. This video is about 18 minutes. There are a few introductory remarks prior to Mr. Williams' and Ms. Mingins' talks.

Glenn Williams, Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coaltion (BRSC)

Mr. Williams is affiliated with the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC). His story is an eyeopener. He tells of discovering that the DEC has not ever collected data about problems with gas drilling. Therefore people can say there is no evidence of any problems with gas drilling. He tells of the 300 chemicals in fracking fluid, 65 of which have been identified as carcinogenic or causing endocrine disruption. He reports that Lebanon, NY, which has 55 wells drilled, ran up a bill of $300,000 for road repair due to heavy traffic from gas drillers and were compensated only $12,000 by the gas drillers. He says a landowner will be taxed 42% on profits (federal and state) and possibly face law suits from neighbors for damages done to adjacent properties. He questions how much money can actually be made by landowners. He explains how a company like Chesapeake Appalachia, a limited liability corporation, can just walk away from any harm they have done and declare bankruptcy while the larger corporation, Chesapeake Energy cannot be held responsible. He believes firmly that gas companies must pay for well testing before, during, and after drilling, pay for replacement loss of home values, and replace the water they take from aquifers.

Candace Mingins, farmer, Van Etten, NY

Ms. Mingins lives with her husband and three children on their family farm in Van Etten near Ithaca, NY. They have an orchard which is in its 34th garden year. A well was drilled on their property in 2006 on the Trenton Black River formation. In 2008, she helped organize Shaleshock Citizens Action Coalition. Listen to Candace as she tells what it is like to deal with a multi-national gas corporation. Hear what it is really like to sign a lease and then have to live with the consequences. It will shock you.

Thanks to Essential Dissent, Binghamton, NY for this video.


Don Williams said...

Glenn ( two n's ) is my dad's first cousin. Three generations of the Willams family spoke at the recent SRBC meeting in Binghamton; Glenn, me, and his grandson, Matt. My website is Susquehanna River Sentinel, and I am against drilling based upon the environmental damage it will cause to our land and water.

Don Williams

Peacegirl said...

Thanks for your comment, Don. I corrected the misspelling. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll check out your website. Thanks for speaking out against drilling. Keep in touch!