Monday, May 4, 2009

Rural Impact

Crestone Media

Here is the first in a six-part series, available on YouTube, called "Rural Impacts!" You will hear citizens of Colorado, including Duke Cox of Grand Valley Citizens Alliance, journalist Dennis Webb, Donald Cramer, mayor of DeBeque, CO, residents of DeBeque, and Dr. Theo Colborn, PhD, of Endocrine Disruption Exchange, talk about how the natural gas industry has impacted their lives. Road traffic, traffic accidents, increased crime, drug abuse, acute health problems, water pollution, odors in the air, noise pollution, chemical contamination, declining land values, among other problems. This video tells you what to expect from the gas industry and the subsequent videos in the series go on to describe how we can address the challenges the industry inevitably brings to a community.

Theo Colburn, PhD
Endocrine Disruption Exchange
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