Monday, May 18, 2009

Call or Write Your Congressional Reps

The House of Representatives will soon consider removing the exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Contact your representative now! Tell him or her that you want the exemption removed! The gas industry must be required to protect our water. The Devil's in the details!

Thanks to Splashdown for the image.



Anonymous said...

You worry about gas wells? How about the BILLIONS of tons of garbage that is dumped in PA every year! From as far away as Bermuda garbage is brought in by barge to New York where it is added to the millions of tons collected in the big apple and then trucked to, you guessed it, PA. There are large housing developments within a mile of the dump. The water and air are contaminated beyond repair, but the people are powerless to stop it. Face it, for a few dollars PA will always be a garbage pit...

Peacegirl said...

Yes, I am very worried about gas drilling and the pollution of aquifers. That is not to say that we don't have other serious problems. It is very disturbing when garbage from faraway places is dumped in PA or any other place. Garbage disposal is a huge problem. Perhaps we need to figure out ways to have less garbage and do more recycling among other things.