Friday, May 10, 2013

Fracking: Another Spill in PA

In the span of two months the same gas drilling company, Carizzo Marcellus, has had two accidents in Wyoming County and spilled thousands of gallons of fracking fluid. After the first accident on March 13 released more than a quarter million gallons of fluids and forced the evacuation of three homes, the state Department of Environmental Protection asked the company to halt all operations within the state. But the DEP allowed Carizzo to resume work just a few weeks later, before the agency’s own investigation was complete. Now Carrizo has spilled another 9,000 gallons at a different well site in Wyoming County.

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smurfette said...

These are only the RECORDED spills and what will the gas companies have to pay for them? A pittance. In the meantime, the people who live in that vicinity are paying a huge price.

Peacegirl said...

You are so right.