Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flaring a Gas Well In Susquehanna County, PA

Video by Frank Finan. Can you imagine living near this? The peepers are beautiful to listen to, but the roar of that flare and the bright fire ball spoil it. Flaring is harmful to air quality.


smurfette said...

It's unbelievable!So loud and bright- rather like living in a war zone, if you ask me. It's an insidious war, though- attacking the air and water quality- you can't see or smell it (although I vividly recall the smell of that frack pit!)so the levels can creep upwards.

Peacegirl said...

I remember the day we stood next to that frack pit, too! We all got noticeably sickish within minutes, made a hasty retreat to the car, and felt ill for at least an hour.