Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Pipeline Comes To Town: Dallas, PA

In Dallas, PA, this pipeline preparation gouges the forest, plucking up the old trees like matchsticks and hauls them off as if they are of no value. A resident who treasured this place wrote:

Every school day for 8 years, I traveled past this corner . Admiring the beautiful stone walls on the property - wondering: who built them, how did they build such magnificent perfect walls, where did the stone come from, how long did it take to build it.... now it's all gone. Breaks my heart.

Check out Susquehanna River Sentinel.  Excellent views about the gas drilling industry from a PA resident.


smurfette said...

If the telephone company or sewer people dig on our land, they are supposed to (and do) leave it exactly as they found it. Why isn't the gas company held to that same standard? They should plant trees, plant grass, and save all the stones so that residents can put up the wall again. It's called beauty, people! Obviously, gas companies just raze the place because it's cheaper, but they COULD plant trees and they may regret NOT planting trees when Mother Nature sends erosion their way.

I was interested, also, in the construction noise level.Making a once bucolic area into an industrial zone certainly takes a lot of noise pollution!

alsbella726 said...

I was born and raised in Dallas. I just moved to philly a few weeks ago and literally took the same video along with pictures off of Sedler yesterday as I was in shock to see it happen so quickly. My heart goes out to the families of the land and everyone else affected by the pipeline. I hope through awareness and community involvement things like this in the future can be prevented, or at least put up a lasting fight. My family also has land and resides in Bradford County and the stories of gas drilling are devastating. Not to mention the recent floods and excessive rain that washed through farmland and residences carrying byproduct from the drills and chemical ponds?! Thanks for the site, I hope more people become aware of what's really happening and come together to change what we can.